Larry David Found Out his True Ethnicity on LOPEZ TONIGHT


[Press Release – Released by tbs]

(November 12, 2009) BURBANK, CA- The tests results are in and Larry David (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) received his surprising results LIVE on “Lopez Tonight” Thursday, Nov. 12. “Lopez Tonight” is the first late-night show to tests its guests DNA to determine their ethnic heritage. Last night, the anticipated results were revealed to Larry on “Lopez Tonight.”

Larry’s reactions from his DNA test results:

Larry : “This is so stupid, I don’t know why I agreed to this.”
George: “Are you interested? Why did you do it Larry?”
Larry: “Why did I do the DNA test? I thought that would be cool to know your ethnicity and all that. I know I’m a Jew but where did I come from? Maybe I’m not. Maybe I’ve got some Indian or Mexican in me. Who the hell knows? Maybe I’ll be surprised by this.”
George: “Oh you will be surprised.”

George reads the results live on “Lopez Tonight” and Larry David reacts.

George: “I have the results, are you ready?”
Larry: “Sure.”
George: “Okay here we go. OH MY GOD! Larry. You are 63% European….drum roll Robin…Larry David you are 37% Native American.”
Larry: “What do you mean. I’m a Comanche? I’m in the Iroquois Tribe. What are you saying?”
George: “Listen, you’re a member of two tribes. You’re Jewish….”
Larry: “My whole life has changed.”
George: “…and you’re Native American.”
Larry: “I’m Indian. I’m an Indian.”
George: “You are an Indian.”
Larry: “Am I?”
Larry: “What! This can’t be true.”
George: “Its True, its absolutely true.”

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