MONK on USA “Mr. Monk is the Best Man” Season 8 Episode 13

"Mr. Monk is the Best Man" 4

Watch a sneak peek of MONK on USA “Mr. Monk is the Best Man” Season 8 Episode 13 airing Friday November 13 at 9 pm on USA.

Episode Synopsis: MONK “Mr. Monk is the Best Man” Season 8 Episode 13 – In order to save the wedding of someone close to him, Monk must first find out who is trying to sabotage it and why. Teri Polo, Carol Kane & Virginia Madsen guest star in “Mr. Monk is the Best Man,” Friday, November 13 at 9/8C on USA Network.

About the Show
Tony Shalhoub (“Big Night,” “Wings,” “Men in Black,” “Cars”) has earned three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and two SAG Awards for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. In the critically acclaimed original series “Monk,” Monk’s psychological disorder costs him his position as a legendary homicide detective on the San Francisco Police force. Due to the tragic unsolved murder of his wife, Monk has developed an abnormal fear of germs, heights, crowds and virtually everything else, which provides an unusual challenge to solving crimes … not to mention his day-to-day existence. Traylor Howard (“Two Guys and a Girl,” “Me, Myself and Irene”), Ted Levine (“Heat,” “Moby Dick”) and Jason Gray-Stanford (“Taken,” “A Beautiful Mind”) also star.

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