Welcome to Daemon’s TV 2.0!


Welcome to an all new Daemon’s TV (or as we like to call it, Daemon’s TV 2.0)!

As some of you might have noticed, we have a brand new look.

This new design should make it easier to navigate around the website. It was created by the wonderful Michael Martin of Pro Blog Design and his team. So how about we go on a little tour?

First stop, the homepage:

At the very top, you will notice our very own network banner, which will allow to navigate to some of our other properties such as Daemon’s Movies, Daemon’s Books and Daemon’s Food.


Below, you will notice our brand new logo, created by the very talented acee over at W3rkshop.


You will then notice a slideshow that we will use to highlight a few different articles that we write.


Right next to it is a way for you to follow us either by RSS, or on Twitter and Facebook. There is also a box below for you to sign up to our daily newsletter.


If you look down, you will then see some of our latest articles highlighted on our central module. Now the cool thing about it is that you can scroll through it using either the arrows on the right and left of it, or the scrollbar at the bottom.


Right under that, you will see the latest pictures featured in all our articles. You can also scroll through them using the arrows around it, or go to our gallery page and pick the picture for the article that interests you.


And all the way at the bottom you will find links to the latest articles from our other properties.


How about we look at the left sidebar now, and check out another really cool feature. You will notice the list of channels and when you click on it, a window will open showing you the latest two articles written pertaining to that channel on the left, as well as a list of even more articles on the right. (To close the window, just click on the cross in the top right corner or anywhere outside the window). Pretty cool, right?


Up next, the article page.


On the right you will now see a list of the latest articles written, as well as tabs for the most popular ones and the most recent comments.


There are also a few changes here and there, but I’ll let you explore those on your own.

We do have a new easier way to navigate through photos we put in a post, which we hope you guys will enjoy.


And finally, we have a brand new blog page, which will make it easier to read the website like a blog and navigate between articles.


So that’s about it for the new design, but of course we’d love to hear from you, especially some of your thoughts on what you like or don’t like about the new design, and please do let us also know if you encounter any issues while navigating. You can contact us at info@daemonstv.com.

We always strive to make your experience on Daemon’s TV more enjoyable and so we really do hope you enjoy this new Daemon’s TV, as much as we do. And of course we will continue to bring you extensive TV coverage through news, reviews, interviews, giveaways and more.

Also make sure you keep an eye open for some new fun giveaway that we will be hosting in celebration of the new design, as a TV fan you for sure won’t want to miss it (make sure to subscribe to our feed here).

One final thing, I cannot leave you without introducing our very own Daemon character (also created by the talented acee), which you will be seeing around Daemon’s TV (mostly watching TV, what else?). So enjoy your time with him (and us) and thank you for reading!