GLEE “Wheels” Early Review

glee wheels (6)

After what seems like forever, GLEE returns tonight at 9pm on Fox with an all new episode titled “Wheels,” and you don’t want to miss it.

If you were disappointed that we didn’t know much about Glee‘s many lovable characters, you’ll be happy to know that tonight’s episode will change all of that.

In “Wheels,” the Glee club is planning its trip to Regionals, but needs to find a way to raise money in order for the bus to be adapted for Artie’s wheelchair.

Fans of Artie will be happy to know that he not only gets more face time and also gets his first solo performance “Dancing with Myself,” which is really sweet. There is also a potential romance that might be starting between him and someone from Glee club. But I’ll let you find out who.

As for Finn, he is trying to find money to help Quinn, and Puck takes it upon himself to show her that he can be responsible as well. I have to say that Puck running after Quinn is not my favorite part of the show, especially since I thought he was so much more adorable with Rachel, but fingers crossed he’ll get over her fast. As for Finn, I wonder when he’s going to find out that’s not even his baby she’s carrying, because you know that’s bound to come out.

But my favorite thing about tonight’s episode is that not only do we get to see more of Kurt’s relationship with his father, which I love, but there is a great face-off between Rachel and him singing Wicked’s “Defying Gravity” and yes it’s as good as it sounds.

Finally, we will find out something about Sue that I honestly wasn’t expecting, which will for sure change the way you will feel about her.

Glee continues to prove why it is the best new show this season week after week, and I really hope we’ll get more episodes focusing on the other members of the club, because I think it adds so much dimension and really makes you care about them.

Tonight’s episode is among my favorites this season and I might even have to give it another watch, which I very rarely do, so that’s saying something. Make sure you don’t miss it.