BETTER OFF TED Season 2 Character Gallery

Better Off Ted Cast

Check out the photo gallery of BETTER OFF TED season 2 which premieres Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 9:30 p.m. on the ABC Television Network.

Show Summary:
“Better Off Ted” is a satirical office comedy about successful good guy Ted Crisp who runs research and development at Veridian Dynamics, a company with a morally questionable approach to its employees. Whether it’s standing by a memo with a typo that encourages employees to now (as opposed to not) use offensive language with each other, or championing interoffice dating based on DNA matching to save money on health care, Veridian is a company that puts its bottom line first and employees last. Ted’s a single dad to a seven-year-old girl, and while he loves his job, he’s starting to take a closer look at the company’s extremely dubious practices.

Ted’s also trying to figure out relationships, especially now that he’s free to date again. He’s attracted to co-worker Linda, who enjoys small acts of rebellion against Veridian. But he fights the urge to take the relationship one step further. After all, he’s already had his self imposed “one office affair” with Ÿberboss Veronica. Incredibly beautiful (if seemingly devoid of conscience and also emotion-free), Veronica lets nothing get in her way when it comes to serving Veridian’s needs… even if it means doing something like coercing Ted’s seven-year-old daughter, Rose, into being her spy, or convincing Verdian to deem that sexual harassment is a “disease” in order to avoid a law suit. Geniuses Phil and Lem, research scientists and best friends, are responsible for many of Veridian’s miracles of weird science, that is when they’re not bickering with each other or trying desperately to look cool so they don’t appear like total nerds compared to Ted.
“Better Off Ted” stars Jay Harrington as Ted, Portia de Rossi as Veronica, Andrea Anders as Linda, Jonathan Slavin as Phil, Malcolm Barrett as Lem and Isabella Acres as Rose.

“Better Off Ted” is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Victor Fresco (“My Name Is Earl,” “Andy Richter Controls the Universe”) is executive producer and creator of the series.

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