GOSSIP GIRL “They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?” Review Season 3 Episode 9


What did you think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, ‘They Shoot Humphrey’s, Don’t they’?

After reading some of your comments last week, I agree that the sudden change in Chuck’s character is probably mostly due to all the stuff he’s been through lately. So tonight, when he was trying to get S and B to make nice, I was willing to cut him a little more slack. I’m happy that S and B are back to being friends as well. I feel like the balance of the show has been restored.

This episode was filled with so much plotting, drama, and jaw dropping moments I felt like we were back in season 1. First let’s talk about the threesome with Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa. That is going to be one AWKWARD breakfast after Olivia checks her text messages. I can just picture it now, ‘Hey Vanessa, you know how we had a threesome with Dan because you thought I was leaving for London tomorrow? We’ll guess what; I’m still going to be your roommate’. This is going to be so awesome; I can’t wait for next Monday.

Now let’s talk about little J. Does anybody think she makes a better queen than Blair? I don’t, and I’m looking forward to Eric and Kira taking her down. I do have to give her props for turning that Epic fail with Graham into something positive with Nate. That girl always makes the mistake of getting on the wrong side of Blair, but somehow she always lands on her feet.

Lastly, we have Serena and Blair. I really enjoyed watching the scene in the elevator. I thought Serena did something she should have done a long time ago by finally confiding in Blair everything that she’s been going thorough. I think it was important for Blair to hear about what’s been going on with Serena’s search for her dad. That’s one thing I really like about B, S, C, and N. They can fight with each other but they are also there for one another when it counts. I think Serena was dumb for submitting her resignation in the middle of the night when she was alone with Trip and even more stupid for dismissing Blair when she was trying to help. I hope she’s careful moving forward. Lastly, we saw Lily with a letter from Serena’s dad. Will she keep the letter from Serena? Was this the first letter, or has Lily been hiding them all this time?

Talk to you next week! XoXo.

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