THE OFFICE “Double Date” Review Season 6 Episode 9


What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Office, ‘Double Date’?

Once I found out the name of tonight’s episode I immediately cringed. A double date with Michael and Pam’s mom? This could not end well for anybody. It was actually worse than I ever imagined. I don’t blame Michael for wanting to break up with Pam’s mom. He had some really solid reasons for wanting to do it (him being a ‘grave robber’ among them). I think if he had just sat her down after the lunch and explained it to her she would have totally understood. But, this is Michael Scott and he has to do everything like a 3rd grader.

What surprised me is that Pam sunk to his level in way. The whole time they were talking about ‘the punch’ I honestly thought they were just trying to scare Michael. When Toby was giving her pointers and Kelly and Ryan were showing their concern to Michael, I thought it was all for show. I didn’t believe that Pam was actually going to have everyone meet in the parking lot after work so she could punch Michael. But she did! She is starting to be just as crazy as the rest of the characters. I don’t really blame her. She’s pregnant and Michael dated her mom and then dumped her on her birthday. That would make anybody go a little nuts.

I was happy to hear Michael mention Holly again. I wonder if Holly will make an appearance this season. Does anybody know if this is going to happen? I read online that Amy Ryan just had a baby so I don’t think it will be too likely.

I enjoyed watching Dwight and Andy’s politeness face-off. The best quote of the night was from Andy: ‘do not test my politeness’. Who do you think was the best at being polite? My vote goes to Andy. A taco bar is way better than morning bagels. All said I think “Double Date” was a solid episode but one of the weaker ones of the season.

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(Photos: Courtesy of NBC)