“Hannah Montana’s” Moises Arias Stars In “Moises Rules!”


[Press Release – Released by Disney]

“Moises Rules!” a new short-form sports series that invites kids to challenge Moises Arias (Rico in “Hannah Montana”) in fun sports competitions, including foam tetherball and finger football, premieres MONDAY, DECEMBER 7 (5:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD. If he wins, Moises gets the bragging rights, “Moises Rules.”

New features and exclusive show content will debut Tuesday, November 10 at www.DisneyXD.com, where viewers can send a shout out to Moises, play sports-themed games and download all-new wallpapers.

Moises Arias has mad sports skills and an unstoppable attitude when challenged by kids in a variety of sports competitions. The challengers include 13-year-old Ross “The Boss,” 11-year-old James, 12-year-old Larry and 14-year-old Kenton.

The programming lineup is:

Monday, December 7
“Mad B-Ball Shoot-Out” – Moises takes on Ross “The Boss” in a wild basketball shootout with rotating backboards, moving targets and hoops on motorized vehicles.

Tuesday, December 8
“Finger Football Showdown!” – Moises takes on Kenton in a finger football showdown. The place is packed with Kenton’s family and friends as Moises takes the challenge.

Wednesday, December 9
“Supreme Tetherball” – Moises and James compete in tetherball over a giant foam pit. The contenders must keep their balance to avoid taking a plunge, all while trying to wrap the ball around the pole.

Thursday, December 10
“Dash and Splash!” -The crowd goes wild to see Larry and Moises on a super water slide to see if “Moises Rules” or if Larry can defeat him in a “Backyard Slide-Off” competition.

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