GREEK “Friend or Foe” Review (Season 3 Episode 10)


Tonight, ABC Family will air the mid-season finale episode of GREEK titled “Friend or Foe.” Most of you are probably still high on last week’s episode, with Casey and Cappie finally getting together. That was pretty exciting, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

On tonight’s episode, “Friend or Foe,” Casey and Cappie have to figure out how to let Evan know about their relationship. And as you probably guess things don’t go as smoothly as they both hoped.

In other news, the ZBZs are competing in the Songfest, but need to come up with a new dance when theirs gets disqualified. Thanks to ZBZ pledge Abby (Oleysa Rulin from “High School Musical”), they are able to choreograph an all new dance, which is pretty damn awesome. You’ll probably want to watch that a couple of times.

I of course can’t tell you whether or not they win the competition, but what I can tell you is that the result of the competition actually leads the events of the cliffhanger for this finale. Which unfortunately is not the most exciting finale ever, but definitely makes me want to tune back in. Because let’s face it, I would watch the rest of the season even if there wasn’t a cliffhanger because I love the show so much.

Another big part of tonight’s episode is Cappie and Evan trying to unite their houses. What are the chances they’ll actually succeed? Yeah… didn’t think so. But the bigger question is, will Cappie and Evan’s friendship survive everything that happens?

And finally, Rusty and Dale decide to settle their score through a battle of bots competition. It sounds a lot better than what it actually is. I guess I was expecting more explosions.

I am honestly a little disappointed with the Dale/Rusty storyline right now. Dale used to be one of my favorite characters, but it seems that instead of growing he is going back to the character he was in season one. I just wish he would continue on his journey instead. As for Rusty, well hopefully he’ll get a new girlfriend soon, because I kind of liked his relationship with Jordan. But I guess that will have to wait until Greek comes back.

For now, enjoy tonight’s episode!