THE OFFICE “Koi Pond” Review (Season 6 Episode 8)

THE OFFICE Season 6 Halloween 3

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “KOI Pond”?

I really enjoyed it but would have liked to see more Halloween-ness and more about Dwight’s plot to take down Jim. I mean Michael dressed as Justin Timberlake’s’ D’ in a Box song!? I could have watched that all night. The haunted house was also super funny and there were some pretty decent costumes. Creed made an eerily good vampire don’t you think? Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from tonight’s show:

“Looks like somebody has a case of the definitelys” Andy

“Do we have any of those clips that hold paper together”? Michael

Did anyone else feel bad for Michael tonight? At first I felt like he was getting a big fat karma payment but by the end I was feeling sorry for him. The poor guy doesn’t even have 5 friends? Ouch. Do you think Jim was in the wrong for leaning away as Michael was falling? Personally, if I was in my work suit and somebody was about to fall into a big pool of water, there is no way I’m helping that person. It’s every man for himself at that point.

How did you feel about Andy and Pam as a sales team duo? I thought Pam’s reaction to her and Andy as a couple was mean. Andy more than got her back during the second meeting though. I was so happy at the end when Erin told Pam how much she liked Andy. I hope those two get together. Even though Andy is sort of a tool, he deserves to meet a nice girl!

If I had to pick a favorite moment from tonight’s show I’d have to choose the part where we learned that Meredith has had sex with a terrorist. Damn I love this show.