GOSSIP GIRL “How To Succeed in Bassness” Review (Season 3 Episode 7)


What did you think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, “How To Succeed At Bassness”?

First off, I have to say that I LOVED the Kiss pumpkins that Rufus carved. It was also sweet of Lily to do something nice for Rufus tonight. I was getting so sick of her always getting her way that it was refreshing to see this side of her.

I was also happy to see that Chuck forgave Blair for what she did in the last Gossip Girl episode. However, I wonder when his forgiveness is going to run out? It seems like she can’t stop herself from trying to mess up their relationship these days. Going to Jack Bass for help was pretty low, even for her. I like how they turned the whole situation into a positive by getting some press from the ordeal. I still find it amusing that Bass continues to be the good, responsible one while Blair is the manipulative one. I love Chuck’s idea for the member’s only club.

The whole mess with Serena and Blair seems pretty juvenile. I hope they don’t drag this out into a big feud between the two because I think they both over reacted. How do you think things will go between Serena and Patrick?

The Dan/Olivia plot is still interesting. I love all the Twilight references. I mean Patrick Roberts/Robert Pattinson; I have to admit that is pretty funny. I really hope Dan and Olivia last; I think they are very cute together.

Jenny was so wrong tonight. If she is the “Queen Bee”, can’t she just make Eric and his boyfriend cool and then it won’t be a big deal if she is nice to him? I don’t get it because they were friends before she was made Queen and they are step siblings now, so why wouldn’t they be able to be publically friendly now? It seems a little dumb to me.

Also where was Vanessa tonight? I would have liked to see more of Nate too. Until next week, XoXo!

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(Photos: Courtesy of The CW)