GLEE “Mash-Up” Review (Season 1 Episode 8)


So what did you think of tonight’s episode of Glee “Mash-up?”

This episode was all about combining total opposites (like bacon and chocolate) and making them work together. Some mash-ups worked (Finn was able to combine football and glee club) and some didn’t (the wedding songs, Rachel and Puck, Sue and her boyfriend). It wasn’t really a surprise that “Thong Song” and “I Could Have Danced All Night” couldn’t mash-up, was it?

Emma can sing! She has a lovely voice and had such an Audrey Hepburn vibe in her beautiful wedding dress. I was rooting for Will to kiss her at the end of their dance together but their relationship just isn’t going to happen (though I’m not giving up hope). Will and Emma acknowledged this at the very end of the episode with their conversation about the songs not working together when they really were talking about themselves.

Rachel and Puck are another couple that bit the dust. I really didn’t see their hookup coming because Puck is such a man-whore and has been so mean to Rachel in the past. However, I forgot about all that as soon as he started singing “Sweet Caroline.” I hope he gets more solos in the future because I love to hear him sing. I also want to see him be a nice guy for more than half an episode.

After last week’s epic battle, I was surprised to see Sue and Will getting along so well. I was so sure that their dance was a dream sequence. Then they explained that Sue fell in love over fondue and Battleship. She should have kicked the anchorman’s butt for cheating on her.

By the way, what’s up with the slushies? I thought it was a funny gag in the first episode, but now it’s out of control. The janitor must hate the kids in that school.

Overall, I thought this was a fun Glee episode. Mr. Schu busted out some awesome break dancing moves to “Bust a Move.” I can’t believe I’m just now noticing how much he looks like Justin Timberlake. I know not everyone agrees, but some of my favorite parts of Glee are when he dances to 80s/90s rap songs.

Thanks to baseball we won’t have a new episode of Glee for two weeks. It’s going to be hard to wait that long!

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(Photos: Courtesy of Fox)