EASTWICK “Mooning and Crooning” Episode 5


Watch a sneak peek of EASTWICK “Mooning and Crooning” Episode 5 which airs on Wednesday October 21 at 10:00 p.m.

Episode Synopsis: EASTWICK “Mooning and Crooning” Episode 5 – Under the influence of a rare celestial event, Eastwick “goes wild” for a night – and our ladies aren’t spared. Newly-single Kat fulfills a longtime fantasy — atop a piano — while Roxie and Mia end up in an embarrassing predicament with Chad and Josh. Feeling the pressure from her editor, Joanna, with Penny’s help, rushes to print a newspaper story that gets her in some very hot water, on “Eastwick,” WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Eastwick” stars Ashley Benson as Mia Torcoletti, Jon Bernthal as Raymond Gardener, Veronica Cartwright as Bun Waverly, Jamie Ray Newman as Kat Gardener, Lindsay Price as Joanna Frankel, Rebecca Romijn as Roxanne (Roxie) Torcoletti, Sara Rue as Penny Higgins, Johann Urb as Will St. David and Paul Gross as Darryl Van Horne.

uest starring are Matt Dallas as Chad, Steve Hytner as Clyde, Darren Criss as Josh, Jazz Raycole as Justine, Samantha Droke as Stephie, Romy Rosemont as Elise Dunn, Torsten Voges as Fidel, Nynno Ahli as Sheriff Teaser, Forest Terry as waiter, Ellington Ratliff as teenage boy, Christopher Carroll as priest, V.C. Dupree as Edgar and Gem Silver as stranger.

“Mooning and Crooning” was written by Chris Dingess and directed by Bill D’Elia.

(Photos: Courtesy of ABC)