THE BIGGEST LOSER “806” Season 8 Episode 6


Check out photos of THE BIGGEST LOSER “806” Season 8 Episode 6 airing on Tuesday, October 20 (8-10 p.m. ET).

Episode Synopsis: THE BIGGEST LOSER “806” Season 8 Episode 6 – This week, the black and blue teams head to the beach to square off in a wild challenge that sends them digging for a buried treasure. The winning team will get a huge prize – tickets home to see their loved ones — but there’s also a surprise twist! One team of contestants goes home and has emotional reunions with loved ones, but is quickly faced with the challenges of continuing to eat healthy and work out back in their everyday lives. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the other team is determined to make the most of their time alone on campus in the hopes they can lose more weight than their opposing team. Also, contestants lend a hand at a food bank this week, and one contestant has an emotional breakthrough with trainer Jillian Michaels. And the team who made the most weight loss progress is revealed at the weigh-in before another player is sent packing. Alison Sweeney hosts the series, and trainer Bob Harper also stars.

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