GOSSIP GIRL “Enough About Eve” Review Season 3 Episode 6


What did you think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, “Enough about Eve”? I enjoyed this episode way more than last week’s.

I can’t believe what a bad person Vanessa is turning into! First, she lies to Dan the other week when Georgina blackmails her, and then she lies to Dan and Olivia tonight to get the speech at the parent’s dinner. Since when is she a mean girl? Vanessa needs to be careful. She’s on a slippery slope to become the worst thing since Blair Waldorf. I just can’t understand how a speech at a parent’s dinner could be more important than your best friend or roommate? The worst moment though, is when her mom walked in on conversation with Dan and Olivia. CRINGE!

Also, what did everyone think of Vanessa’s mom? A little intense, right? I think she was right, Vanessa should really take a look at the type of person college is turning her into. I hope Vanessa is able to turn things around for herself. The last scene where she and Blair were sitting alone at the café made me feel like the two are a match made in heaven.

Now let’s talk about Blair. Wow does she have a lot of explaining to do. Tricking your boyfriend into kissing another man to get what you want is a big no-no; especially when you accidentally publicly humiliate him afterward at a fancy dinner. And since when is Chuck the nice one? Here’s one thing I don’t like about Gossip Girl: they have perpetuated the lie that you can turn the bad boy into the boyfriend. Blair transformed Chuck into a decent, loving boyfriend, and Serena has had the same effect on Carter. That is just not the way things work.

I still am enjoying Olivia and Dan as a couple and am looking forward to see how things progress.

Enough from me, what did you think of Gossip Girl “Enough About Eve”? Talk to you next week. XoXo

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