LIE TO ME “Honey” Season 2 Episode 4

LIE TO ME Honey (6)

Watch a sneak peek of LIE TO ME “Honey” Season 2 Episode 4 which airs on Monday October 19 at 9pm on Fox.

Episode Synopsis: LIE TO ME “”Honey” Season 2 Episode 4 – Eric Matheson (guest star Dillahunt), a man suspected of killing his wife, is brought in for questioning by the Lightman Group. Determined to prove his innocence, he takes drastic measures that put the team’s lives in danger in the “Honey” episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, Oct. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman; Kelli Williams as Gillian Foster; Monica Raymund as Ria Torres; Brendan Hines as Eli Loker; Mekhi Phifer as FBI Agent Ben Reynolds

Guest Cast: Kristen Ariza as Heidi; Garret Dillahunt as Eric Matheson; Karina Logue as Gwen Burns; Sean O’Bryan as Tom McHenry; Dean Chekvala as Danny Pavelka; Billy Smith as Mike Zancanelli; Stephanie Michels as Cynthia; Kevin McCorkle as Lawrence Edison; Meta Golding as Raven; Alina Phelan as Joan; Michael Patrick McGill as Officer Barnes

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(Photos: Courtesy of Fox)