WOKE UP DEAD New Webseries with Jon Heder on Crackle.com

Woke Up Dead

[Press Release – Released by Sony Pictures]

New Live-action Zombie Comedy from Electric Farm Entertainment for Crackle.com

Woke Up Dead Starring Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder

WOKE UP DEAD is the new live-action zombie comedy from Electric Farm Entertainment for Crackle.com, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online video network. The original online series stars comedian Jon Heder (“Napoleon Dynamite,” “Blades of Glory”), Josh Gad (“Back to You,” “The Rocker”), Krysten Ritter (“Breaking Bad,” “27 Dresses”), Jean Smart (“24,” “Samantha Who?”) and Wayne Knight (“Seinfeld”), among others.

The production of WOKE UP DEAD, which marks Heder’s first foray into the world of web programming, takes place in various locations around Los Angeles, California.

In WOKE UP DEAD, Heder stars as Drex Greene, a regular recent college grad who finds himself undergoing an inexplicable transformation that begins when he wakes up at the bottom of a water-filled bathtub. Drex’s roommate Matt, who has been eagerly filming his demise, informs him that he’s easily (and inhumanly) been underwater for more than a half-hour. As he starts to develop zombie-like tendencies, Drex finds it increasingly difficult to focus on his new job and his love life, so he enlists the help of two friends, Cassie and Matt, to help him uncover the truth about the peculiar changes he is experiencing. In the process, Drex meets his match – an exotic beauty named Aurora – who may hold the answers to Drex’s many questions. Drex must decipher whether he really IS a zombie, like Matt is convinced he is, or whether he’s something entirely different.

Josh Gad stars as Matt, Drex’s roommate who is determined to profit from his friend’s changes and Krysten Ritter stars as Cassie, a beautiful young med student whose curiosity fuels a powerful interest in Drex’s new condition. Jean Smart stars as Meryl, Drex’s mother, and Wayne Knight appears as Andy Batten, Drex’s nosy co-worker, who is determined to create trouble in Drex’s career.

Other members of the star driven cast include Dan Roebuck (“Lost” “Eleventh Hour”) as the mysterious Shadowman; Ellia English (“Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Semi-Pro” as Diana Phillips, Drex’s supervisor; and Meital Dohan (“Weeds,” “The Sopranos”) as Aurora.

WOKE UP DEAD is directed by veteran TV director, writer and producer Tim O’Donnell (“Lizzie McGuire,” “Clueless”); written by John Fasano (“Darkness Falls,” “Another 48 Hours”); and executive produced by Stan Rogow (“Afterworld,” “Gemini Division,” “Lizzie McGuire”) and Brent Friedman (“Gemini Division,” “Star Trek: Enterprise”).

Sony Pictures Television has partnered with Electric Farm Entertainment on WOKE UP DEAD and will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of the series.