CALIFORNICATION “Zoso” Early Review (Season 3 Episode 4)


Tonight I got to check out an advanced copy of CALIFORNICATION, “Zoso”. This might be my favorite episode so far this season. For me, the biggest surprise (in a good way) of this season has been Charlie’s boss Sue Collini (played by the awesome Kathleen Turner). In “Zoso” Sue really out does herself. There is a particular conversation between her and Hank that I thought was completely hilarious. I’d love to see Turner get some sort of award or nomination for her performance this season.

Becca continues to evolve this episode. In “Zoso” Becca seeks a new, more stylish, wardrobe much to the chagrin of Hank… and his pocket book. One thing I’ve noticed is the actress that plays Becca, Madeleine Martin, is actually starting to resemble her on screen mom, Karen (Natasha McElhone) as she gets older. Although I was initially sad to see Becca grow up, watching her go all pubescent on Hank has been providing some good entertainment.

Professor Hank, along with Charlie, visits one of his ex students at their job. What resulted might make Hank’s life more enjoyable in the short term, but could prove to be problematic in the long term. Personally I would love to see Hank keep himself out of trouble for just one episode, but of course that’s not possible.

Lastly, Charlie and Marcy make preparations to sell their home. Despite what these two have been through, I really do not want to see them break up. Also, beware of a scene where the Runkle’s are talking to some potential home buyers. Hands down the most disgusting scene of any Californication episode to date. If you are a fan of the show, you know this is saying a lot. Seriously though, be prepared to avert your eyes!

As with every other episode this season, the only thing missing is Karen. She continues to play only a small role, when I think the show needs her back as a main character.