WHITE COLLAR Season Premiere Early Review


I’d like to tell everyone of a wonderful new series USA is premiering on October 23rd at 10 pm called WHITE COLLAR. I had so much fun watching the pilot last night that I’m looking forward to adding this show into my regular TiVo rotation. What it is about you ask? Well, let me tell you.

White Collar is the story of two men (a con man and an FBI agent) who form an improbable alliance to catch some of the FBI’s most hard to find criminals. Without giving any spoilers away, here is the background on the characters:

Neal Caffrey (played by Matt Bomer, “Chuck”, “Tru Calling”) – Neal is a handsome, charming, and notorious con man who has just escaped from a maximum-security prison.

Peter Burke (played by Tim DeKay, “Tell Me You Love Me”, Carnivale”) – Peter is Neal’s archenemy and successful FBI agent. Peter put Neal behind bars the first time and is called in to catch him when he escapes prison.

Elizabeth Burke (played by Tiffani Thiessen “What About Brian”, “Fastlane”) – Peter’s sweet and understanding wife.

Mozzie (played by Willie Garson, “Sex and the City”) – Neal’s friend and informant. Mozzie keeps Neal informed of what’s happening on the street which helps Neal & Peter catch the bad guys.

Guest Star: Diahann Carroll – Diahann plays a wealthy window that helps Neal get on his feet after getting out of prison.

I can’t say enough good things about White Collar. It has great characters, good writing and a fun and interesting plot that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I know some of you out there may have your doubts. At first glance an FBI show that takes place in New York may sound a bit trite. Heck, the whole criminal/FBI alliance has been done before too. However, I’m telling you, this is a great show. USA has a slam dunk and I hope White Collar does well.