THE OFFICE “Mafia” Review Season 6 Episode 5

The Office

What did you think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Mafia”?

I give it 7 out of 10. I wasn’t expecting this one to be too amazing since last week was so huge with Pam and Jim’s wedding. I was bummed that Jim and Pam didn’t really play a big part in this episode. I wish they would have started this episode with Pam and Jim returning from their honeymoon. Don’t get me wrong, I thought “Mafia” was great, but whenever Jim and/or Pam are missing from an episode, the show seems off to me. I felt the same way when Pam went to art school in New York.

Andy, Michael, and Dwight can be so ridiculous sometimes. I mean, Andy dresses up like a mechanic (except for the loafers) so he can bring a crowbar to lunch, lol. I thought it was great that they picked the Olive Garden to impress the mafia guy. Also, wasn’t mafia guy a total douche bag? Normally I feel bad for people that Michael interacts with, but not this guy. Michael had one of the best lines of the night with “he did talk about a fire in the warehouse… he also vaguely threatened me with testicular cancer”.

So here is a serious question. Who is more stupid – Kevin or Michael? Kevin was an idiot in “Mafia” for canceling Jim’s credit cards and for assuming Oscar would enjoy jail because he’s gay. On the other hand, he was clever to use Jim’s office to fart in. Michael was an idiot for taking a meeting with a solicitor at work, believing he was in the mafia, meeting the solicitor again for a lunch, purchasing a policy, and then rudely canceling the policy. However, he was smart to call Jim for help when he got in over his head. I still think Michael is the bigger idiot. What do you think?