COMMUNITY “Advanced Criminal Law” Review Episode 5


What did you think of tonight’s episode of COMMUNITY, “Advanced Criminal Law”?

I thought it was decent but not as funny as some of the other episodes this season. The standout characters for me were Senor Chang, Duncan, and Pierce. Senor Chang’s “Jackee” reference that he directed as Shirley was pretty funny. It was even better when Shirley called him out on it.

What was it that Pierce said to Annie about his song? It sounded like he said he was going to write something so good “it will make the devil poop god’s pants”? Lol. Did I hear that right? Or did he say “his pants? I guess that would make more sense. One of the best scenes was when Pierce played exit music for Annie as she walked out. I also really enjoyed his song at the end, it was even better that he thought he wrote it himself.

The other plots were chuckle worthy but didn’t really do it for me overall. I thought Britta was pretty stupid for cheating but enjoyed watching the trial and Jeff’s defense. It was a big stretch (even for this ridiculous show) that Britta would have gotten off by using the “crazy” defense. I thought Duncan was pretty genius for using the whole situation to his advantage. I don’t get why Britta doesn’t go for Jeff. I wouldn’t say no to Joel McHale 🙂

The other bit with Abed and Troy was also funny, but again, not as good and what I’ve seen in previous episodes. I loved Abed’s alien home video and how he stuffed all those pencils in Troy’s mouth. Troy seems to be one of the only normal people on the entire show, so it’s fun to see him interact with somebody crazy like Abed.

So my opinion is that although it wasn’t a bad episode, it wasn’t their strongest effort either. I’m hoping for something better next week. Talk to you then!