GLEE “Throwdown” Review Episode 7

GLEE Throwdown (12)

When Principal Figgins made Sue the co-director of the glee club on last week’s episode of GLEE, we knew things were going to get ugly. So it’s no surprise that Sue and Will faced off in an epic battle on tonight’s episode, “Throwdown.” What was surprising was the way Will manned up and stood up to both Sue and Terri. Who knew he had it in him?

I’ve decided that Sue is deranged, but oh that woman makes me laugh. My favorite quotes: “I have been destroying your club with a conviction I can only call religious” and “Sue Sylvester’s rainbow tent will gladly protect you from his storm of racism.” Sue versus Will in slow motion was absolutely hilarious. They even argued in their voiceovers and that’s what makes Glee so original – it doesn’t follow the rules of regular TV shows.

What wasn’t too funny, however, was Sue’s takedown of Quinn. Maybe she didn’t tell her about the pregnancy, but Quinn had been loyal to Sue and didn’t deserve to be outed to the entire school.

The weakest part of the show, for me, is Terri and her preposterous fake pregnancy. Her idiot sister blackmailed her doctor into faking an ultrasound? Really? Lame. Watching Will tear up because he thought he was seeing his daughter for the first time was just heartbreaking.

On the bright side, there was a lot of great music that ranged from Nelly to Jill Scott to The Supremes. I never thought I would actually like an Avril Lavigne song but “Keep Holding On” was great. Both the lyrics and the choreography showed how the glee club was supporting Quinn. They sang, “keep holding on because we’ll make it through” and it was a very emotional moment.

So what do you think about the mix of songs on Glee? Do you prefer current music, show tunes, or 80s music like Heart and Journey? Leave your comments below!