NIP/TUCK “Don Doberman” Early Review (Season 6 Premiere)

Julian McMahon as Dr.Christian Troy on NIP/TUCK

There is great news for all you NIP/TUCK fans out there. Season 6 of the Emmy award winning television show will premiere on FX on October 14th at 10:00 pm. I was able to check out an early copy of the first episode of Season 6, “Don Hoberman”, so I can give you the dirt on what you can expect.

Before I do that, let me first give you a brief recap of where Season 5 left off. Shortly before Christian and Liz set off on their honeymoon, Christian found out that the doctors made a mistake and he was not dying of breast cancer as he thought. Meanwhile, Sean gets together with Teddy and Julia regains her memory. Now let’s chat about the new season.

In episode 1, “Don Hoberman”, we find Christian and Liz in the middle of a nasty divorce. Hell seems to hath no fury like a Liz scorned. Meanwhile, Sean and Christian are having some serious financial trouble due to the credit crunch. I guess Californians are able to live without tummy tucks in times of recession, who knew? However, another plastic surgeon (played by Mario Lopez) might be able to help them get some additional business. The question is, will this be enough to keep them afloat?

Sean and Teddy are still going strong in episode one, however, fans may be surprised that Teddy is no longer played by Katee Sackoff but is now played by Rose McGowan (who I absolutely love). I think McGowan does a great job, and I hope fans are happy about the switch. In other news, Matt has himself a crappy day, while Kimber looks for a new career path.

Overall I’d say “Don Hoberman” is a fun episode that has a few surprises as well as guest stars. Although I wouldn’t give it a perfect 10, Mario Lopez’s six pack alone will give you enough reason to check it out.