HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “The Sexless Innkeeper” Review


What did you think of tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, “The Sexless Innkeeper”? Without a doubt one of the funniest episodes of How I Met Your Mother ever.

Between the flashbacks from Marshall and Lily’s couple parties, Barney and Ted’s Innkeeper poems, and Marshall’s video montages, I was laughing so hard I could barley breathe. There are two things I wanted to do immediately after watching The Sexless Innkeeper.

The first was to see if “” is a real website. It’s actually a clever marketing site that Budweiser is currently taking advantage of.

The second thing I wanted to do after watching “The Sexless Innkeeper” was to re-watch Barney’s poem since it was so funny. Here is the poem and a link to it on YouTube if you are interested in reliving it like I was:

Twas the night before New Years, and the weather grew mean
It was 3 in the morning and I was stranded in Queens
The tavern grew empty, the gas lights grew dim
The horse drawn carriages were all but snowed in
Last call was approaching and my fortunes looked bleak
Then I turned to my left and stifled a shriek
She had a peach fuzz beard and weighed 16 stone
She gobbled up hot wings and swallowed the bones
I muffled a scream and threw up in my mouth
I asked “where do you live”? and she said “1 block south”
I swallowed my pride and six shots of whiskey
And prayed to the gods that she wasn’t too frisky
Back in her cave she prepared us a snack
‘Neath her mighty hooves the floor boards did crack
But when she returned she found a sound sleeper
And thus she became, the sexless innkeeper…..and so are you

Personally, I thought Ted’s tweed professor outfit was cute and Marshall and Lily’s parties looked like fun. Who doesn’t like Gouda and charades? I loved the pluralized version of “All By Myself” that was playing during the Robin and Barney montage.

Speaking of montages, which of Marshall’s montages was your favorite? I was a fan of the Chinese take-out one. The cat funeral was pretty dang funny as well.

Lastly, what did everyone think of the last scene? Do you think Barney might start missing the single life? Could the days of Robin and Barney as a couple been numbered?

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