GOSSIP GIRL “Rufus Getting Married” Review


What did everyone think of tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl “Rufus Getting Married”? Personally, I was a little disappointed…scrap that, I was very disappointed.

I’m sick of Georgina, I’m sick of Nate and Brie, and I’m sick of nobody knowing about Scott. Thankfully, all that crap should be behind us now after “Rufus Getting Married”.

Also, shame on you Sonic Youth. Your appearance on Gossip Girl was even more epically shameful than Alkaline Trio’s appearance on “The Hills”. Have you bands no shame? You are so much better than that. Sonic Youth helped to ignite the alternative rock movement so why make a guest appearance on a show where you join the ranks of Tyra Banks and Hillary Duff? Also, Kim Gordon is looking increasingly like Iggy Pop. Ick!

Anyway, now that I have gotten all that off my chest, I’ll try to be more positive. After all, it looks like Carter might be getting a good ole fashion arse whoop’n and Georgina might be gone for awhile. I love how Blair always comes through in the end to extinguish the Georgina problem. What I don’t understand is why people put up with Georgina in the first place. Even Vanessa let herself get blackmailed by her for a long time before she came clean to Dan. First of all, she should have told Dan the truth immediately. Secondly, after what Georgina did to Rufus and Lily, why didn’t somebody politely take her to the side and beat the crap out of her? Where is the justice?

Another person that got on my nerves in “Rufus Getting Married” (Sorry I’m having a hard time being positive tonight) is Lily. She was SO rude to Scott! Even when she finally learned the truth, she didn’t come off as a mom meeting her son for the first time. Also, if you are having trouble coming up with vows even up to the day of your wedding, maybe you shouldn’t be with that person. I give Rufus and Lily 2 months.

Finally I’m looking forward to seeing what the writers do with Nate’s character now that Brie appears to be gone. I didn’t like them together, so hopefully they do something more interesting with his character now. Maybe he’ll hook up with Vanessa again? Who would you like to see him with? Anyway, drop me a line and let me know what you thought of tonight’s show. XoXo

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(Photos: Courtesy of The CW)