LIE TO ME “Control Factor” Season 2 Episode 3

lie to me (3)

Watch a sneak peek of LIE TO ME “Control Factor” Season 2 Episode 3 which airs on Monday October 12 at 9pm on Fox.

Episode Synopsis: LIE TO ME “Control Factor” Season 2 Episode 3 – While on vacation in Mexico, Lightman and Emily become involved in the case of a missing American woman. Back home, Foster investigates tainted blood in D.C.-area hospitals with Lightman’s rival, Jack Rader (guest star Blucas), in the “Control Factor” episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, Oct. 12 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Cast: Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman; Kelli Williams as Gillian Foster; Monica Raymund as Ria Torres; Brendan Hines as Eli Loker; Mekhi Phifer as FBI Agent Ben Reynolds; Hayley McFarland as Emily Lightman

Guest Cast: Marc Blucas as Jack Rader; Jose Zuniga as Detective Molina; Timothy Carhart as Jerry Conway; Patrick J. Adams as Lou Nemeroff; Max Arciniega as Miguel; Mary Mouser as Tyler Seeger; Mary Mara as Krentz; Kamala Lopez-Dawson as Inez; Nicole Duport as Marla Seeger, Rebecca Field as Jenna Bynes; Victor McCay as Dunst; Larry Herron as Yager; Dale Midkiff as Samuel Wynn

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(Photos: Courtesy of Fox)