THE OFFICE “Niagara” Review (Season 6 Episode 4)

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What did everyone think of tonight’s episode of THE OFFICE, “Niagara”?

All I can say is WOW! Best Office ever! I’ve been looking forward to Pam and Jim’s wedding for a long time and I was not disappointed at all. I also loved that it was an hour.

One of the ways the American ‘Office’ is better than the old British ‘Office’ is the way they’ve been able to develop the characters more. The British series (because it only lasted 2 seasons) ended with their “Jim” and “Pam” of the show finally deciding to be together. The American Office, which is on its 6th season, has developed to the point where the two are getting married and having kids. So exciting!!

Here are some of my favorite moments and quotes to night’s episode of “Niagara”:

“A 3 oz fetus is calling the shots now”? Dwight

Dwight’s hardboiled egg and Meredith’s afternoon cigar

Dwight’s twins

Dwight memorized his room confirmation # and requested 2 safes

Andy took the honeymoon suite before Pam and Jim

Dwight’s mixed tape for Michael, “Don’t be scared of your night in heaven”.

“I’m not gay, I’m Kevin” Kevin

Dwight’s dossier on all the female guests

Michael’s Smart car comedy routine

Michael sleeping in vending room

“Bride’s side, Groom’s side, or Townie?” Dwight

Kevin wearing Kleenex boxes for shoes.

Kevin’s hair piece

One thing that shocked me was that Jim was the one that spilled the beans about Pam’s pregnancy! Did anyone see that coming? I think he’s right, being a manager is making him say some stupid things, although Michael is still the master in that category. Also, what did you think of Jim’s brothers? I thought they were sooo annoying!

On a different note, I was stoked to see the guest appearance by Anna Camp (True Blood) as Pam’s sister. I also see a possible love match between both Andy & Erin and Michael and Pam’s mom.

The absolute best part of tonight for me though would have to be Jim and Pam’s real wedding on the boat. So sweet and romantic – I just love those two! Anyway, enough of my commentary, what did you all think?