DOG WHISPERER “How To Raise a Puppy” Season 6 Premiere

Dog Whisperer

The DOG WHISPERER returns for an all new season tonight on the National Geographic Channel with a special episode “How To Raise a Puppy” airing at 9pm.

This episode accompanies Cesar Millan’s new book How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond (for which we’ll have a review on Daemon’s Books soon, so keep an eye out).

I am a huge fan of Dog Whisperer and this was one of my favorite episodes because it taught you so much about some of the things you need to do when you get a puppy. Plus seeing it in action is always better than simply reading about it. One of my friend actually just got a dog and I’m going to make sure she watches this episode, I think it’ll be really helpful and instructive.

And if you’re already a fan of the show, you’re definitely going to enjoy this episode. If nothing else, the puppies are adorable! And if you haven’t watched the show before, well this is definitely a great episode to start with.

So don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel and watch the Season 6 premiere of Dog Whisperer.

Check out a clip from “How To Raise a Puppy” below.

Synopsis: DOG WHISPERER “How To Raise a Puppy” – The season premiere begins with Junior, a pit bull pup Cesar hopes will someday assist him with his toughest cases now that his trusted right hand Daddy is nearing retirement. Daddy and Cesar have been a team since Daddy was four months old, and any fan of Dog Whisperer knows Daddy accompanies Cesar on many of his hardest cases — including a visit with Oprah! But with age come limitations. So, in order to ease Daddy into retirement, Cesar adopted the first young puppy for his puppy project — Junior. Daddy and Junior were instantly attracted to one another, and thus Junior joined Cesar’s pack. Next Cesar selects a Labrador pup to join the pack. Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue brings two labs to Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center. Cesar is immediately drawn to the calm, submissive male, whom Cesar slowly introduces to the pack at the center. The pack mentality of all the dogs has never been clearer, as you can see firsthand how — with no human interaction — the pack slowly takes in the new puppy. Cesar eventually names this little guy Marley, after one of the world’s most famous bad dogs (the subject of last year’s hit movie “Marley & Me,” about the life of Cesar’s client and friend John Grogan).