COMMUNITY “Social Psychology” Review Episode 4

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So what did you think of tonight’s episode of COMMUNITY, “Social Psychology”? I hope everyone remembered to tune in at the new time of 8 pm!

Personally, I thought tonight’s episode was awesome. This series just keeps getting stronger with every episode in my opinion. There were so many funny jokes tonight and all the characters are continuing to grow on me. Abed in particular was extra funny in “Social Psychology”. It was great how he messed up Duncan’s social experiment by sitting in the room for over 26 hours. The actor that plays him, Danny Pudi, steals the show each time he’s in a scene.

I see Joel McHale as the Seinfeld of the cast. Since his character is one of the more normal ones, he doesn’t always get the funniest lines (like Jerry), but he helps hold the show together by playing off oddballs like Abed and Pierce (or George and Elaine if this was Seinfeld). Annie, Troy and Shirley had some great lines as well.

I also am a big fan of Senor Chang play by Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Knocked Up). His big freak out after learning the meeting was running 5 minutes late was classic. Also, that scene where he was accusing one of his students of writing a bad review about him was downright cringy, especially when he got in Annie’s face. Here are some of my other favorite moments and quotes from “Social Psychology”

* Pierce’s Ear-Noculars

* “I might be worried if I was playing hacky sack a decade too late” Jeff

* Vaughn’s tiny nipples

* “Do they do anything to your butt”? Troy

I also thought it was cute how Jeff and Shirley bonded by gossiping about Britta’s boyfriend. Do you think Britta and Jeff will ever get together? I think I like them better as friends. Anyway, I hope people keep watching Community because I think it’s fantastic and I want to see it around for future seasons. Talk to you next week!