HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Robin 101” Review (Season 5 Episode 3)


What did you think of last night’s episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, “Robin 101”?

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by Barney’s behavior in this episode. When he and Robin first got together I was very skeptical. I didn’t think he had enough feelings in him to make a successful relationship, but he really made a huge effort in tonight’s show. Of course, It had to involve a plot to cheat and get all the answers, but hey at least he tried right? Ted also was a great teacher on teaching Barney the ins and outs of dating Robin. Two of my favorite parts were Ted admitting he’d cried 4 times in front on her, that she has an erogenous zone on her knee cap, and that you can never tell her that you love her.

I also loved that this episode was focused on mainly Robin and Barney. Robin is SUCH a funny character. I thought all the little quirks that Ted pointed out were great. Robin took Barney’s recon mission better than I would have thought. Even though she was crazy angry, I think I would have killed somebody for going to an ex-boyfriend to get all the info on me. Shame on Ted too for divulging all the info.

The side plot with Marshall and the barrel was amusing but I felt it was lacking a little something. I think it’s because this show doesn’t have a weak link as far as acting goes, so it really needs more than 30 minutes to flesh out a good plot for all the characters.

My favorite scene of tonight’s show would have to be the very last one. Ted accidently putting a picture of Robin on the projector was hilarious! What a rock star Robin is for having herself a beer in the bathroom.

So all in all, a great episode I thought. Plenty of funny moments. It left me thinking how perfect Ted is for Robin, yet Barney seems a good fit too. Who do you like better together?