CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “The Reunion” Early Review (Season 7 Episode 3)


Season 7 Episode 3 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, “The Reunion” airs on Sunday October 4, at 9pm on HBO, and I got the chance to check it out early. For those of you that have been reading the hype on season 7, a big plot point this season is supposedly a Seinfeld reunion show. In “The Reunion” we get our first appearances by the Seinfeld cast and it might be one of my favorite Curb episodes of all time.

Larry agrees to do a Seinfeld reunion after realizing it might be a way back into Cheryl’s heart. All the principal actors of Seinfeld (Jerry, Julia, Michael, and Jason) make an appearance, and it is AWESOME. There are even a few scenes with the crew all together and it makes you feel pretty nostalgic. I don’t know how many more episodes they are in, but I hope they keep the story going through the rest of the season.

I got a huge kick out of watching Larry act with Jason Alexander (Costanza on Seinfeld) since the character Costanza was based on Larry David. There is even a plot point in this episode involving the head of NBC that is similar to an episode of Seinfeld. It made me curious if the situation had actually happened to Larry in real life.

My favorite part of “The Reunion” is when Larry gets in an argument with somebody over coordinating on tip when you split a bill. I personally agreed with Larry here. I think if you split a check at a restaurant with somebody that you should be able to coordinate on a good tip amount. Everyone else disagreed and thought that separate, private tips should be placed. Sometimes I feel bad for Larry because he’s always treated like a freak, but to me, Larry is usually in the right and it’s everyone in his life that is a little odd.