On TV Tonight, Sunday 9/27/09: DEXTER, BROTHERS & SISTERS, and more…

Sundays TV Schedule

Daemon's Choice

THE AMAZING RACE “They Thought Godzilla Was Walking Down the Street (Japan/Vietnam)” – 8pm CBS

THE SIMPSONS “Homer the Whopper” – 8pm Fox

THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Pilot” – 8:30pm Fox

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Vehicular Fellatio” – 9pm HBO

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES “Nice Is Different Than Good” – 9pm ABC

DEXTER “Living the Dream” – 9pm Showtime

DROP DEAD DIVA “What If?” – 9pm Lifetime

FAMILY GUY “Road to the Multiverse” – 9pm Fox

AMERICAN DAD “In Country…Club” – 9:30pm Fox

ARMY WIVES “Shrapnel and Alibis” – 10pm Lifetime

BROTHERS & SISTERS “The Road Ahead” – 10pm ABC

CALIFORNICATION “Wish You Were Here” – 10pm Showtime

COLD CASE “The Crossing” – 10pm CBS

MAD MEN “Seven Twenty Three” – 10pm AMC

ENTOURAGE “Scared Straight” – 10:30pm HBO