THE FORGOTTEN “Pilot” Season Premiere

the forgotten (6)

Watch a sneak peek of the new ABC show THE FORGOTTEN, which airs on Tuesday September 22 at 10:00 p.m.

Episode Synopsis: THE FORGOTTEN “Pilot” Season Premiere – In the premiere episode, “Pilot,” viewers are introduced to Alex and the rest of The Forgotten Network — Candace Butler (Michelle Borth), a confident, headstrong young woman who avoids the crushing boredom of her mundane job by helping to identify victims; Lindsey Drake (Heather Stephens), a resilient high school science teacher who volunteers as a form of penance for a crime committed by her husband; Walter Bailey (Bob Stephenson), a well-intentioned phone company employee and true-crime enthusiast whose zealousness can sometimes complicate investigations; Tyler Davies (Anthony Carrigan), a street smart medical school dropout and aspiring artist who is court-ordered to join the Network to satisfy his community service; and Grace Russell (Rochelle Aytes), a resourceful homicide detective with the Chicago Police, who is Alex’s former protege and now his main link to the department – as they try to solve the case of “Highway Jane,” a young woman murdered and left in the woods.

Starring in “the forgotten” are Christian Slater as Alex Donovan, Michelle Borth as Candace Butler, Heather Stephens as Lindsey Drake, Bob Stephenson as Walter Bailey, Anthony Carrigan as Tyler Davies and Rochelle Aytes as Grace Russell.

Enjoy the previews below and make sure to check out some pictures of Christian Slate in The Forgotten.