Tim Roth Talks LIE TO ME Season 2

LIE TO ME: Cal Lightman (Tim Roth)

Tim Roth took some time today to answer questions in a conference call about Season 2 of LIE TO ME, which premieres on September 28, at 9 pm ET/PT.

As a big fan of the show, I am of course very excited to find out what’s coming up this season, so here’s what Tim Roth had to say.

On what’s coming up in Season 2

The scripts are going to be much more character based. We will find out more about the characters’ lives, and we’ll also see more of Lightman’s relationship with his ex-wife (Jennifer Beals).

The show is also a little more serialized this season. There will be more connections between episodes.

On the differences between Season 2 and Season 1

Tim Roth described last season as an experiment, and it was the first time he did something like that. He found it quite difficult at times. However, he enjoys it much more this season.

“Last year was a struggle, this year was an absolute pleasure.”

This year, Lie to Me has a new show runner, Shawn Ryan, who also brought a couple of writers with him.
And it seems that this season, the writers have different ideas and are coming up with some great new things. However, Tim Roth said that the show’s heart “is still with last season.”

On whether he analyzes people

Turns out, Tim Roth tries not to learn this stuff too much. However, he does find it fun to use when he watches politicians on TV.

On his reading microexpressions skills

“I think I can judge a little bit more… maybe.”

On whether he agrees with Lightman’s ways

While he finds it appealing that Lightman pushes people, because it’s fun to act and it’s not something that you would normally do, he doesn’t necessarily agree with him.

On Erika Christensen guest starring in the first episode

“She was terrific. She was completely grounded and a really funny girl with some serious acting chops.”