COMMUNITY “Pilot” Review (Season Premiere)


So last year NBC totally pulled one over on me with Parks and Recreation. Funny previews, awesome cast, great time slot, horrible show. Then when I started to see teasers for their new show, COMMUNITY, I was more than a little skeptical. I am happy to say, I LOVED IT.

Joel McHale (The Soup), Chevy Chase (if you don’t know who he is go away), and John Oliver (The Daily Show) come together in a hilarious comedy about a motley crew of individuals that attend community college together.

I haven’t seen Chevy Chase in much lately, but oh my god, he’s still got it. His character, Pierce, the wise older hippy, had the best line of the show, “I am a prominent business man and a highly desired dinner guest”.

McHale played the part of a disbarred lawyer who will do anything to get what he wants so well that I often wondered if he was even acting at all. For all you other soup fans out there, how funny was it when he got called “Seacrest”?

I also thought Gillian Jacobs (Britta), Danny Pudi (Abed), and Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) all did a fantastic job. NBC picked a winner this season, and I plan on adding this show to my weekly “watch” list. I hope you all do too!