Joshua Jackson Talks FRINGE Season 2

Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop - Fringe

This morning Joshua Jackson took part in a conference call to talk about Season 2 of FRINGE, which premieres tomorrow, September 17, at 9pm on Fox.

On which he like doing best, an action scene, one of those out of this world scene, or just a simple scene with the cast

He doesn’t have a favorite, and if he actually did too much of one it might become boring.
However the thing that he spends the most time thinking about is keeping the relationship between Peter and Walter interesting and growing.

On his reaction when he gets a script with a crazy new story

“If don’t have a new crazy thing, something’s gone terribly wrong”

On whether he saw the big twist for his character in the finale coming

He was actually given a heads up about 4-5 months in advance so that he didn’t think he had been fired.

On how Peter’s big finale twist is going to evolve this season

According to Joshua Jackson, the cool thing is that the audience now knows something about Peter that he doesn’t. We will also “come to find out that it’s a bigger part of the guilt that Walter carries around.”
Joshua Jackson does think that the secret eventually has to come out and when it does, it will affect his relationship with Walter and maybe even Olivia.

On Peter and Olivia’s relationship

To Joshua Jackson, Peter and Olivia have more of a family dynamic than a romantic dynamic. He sees Peter and Olivia as brother and sister.

“You have this crazy father at the center of it. That would be a very, very awkward love triangle so I don’t think they’re gonan go that way.”

On Peter’s sarcasm and how much is improvised versus scripted

Most of the sarcasm lines are written. However, a lot of the humor from moments between Peter and Walter comes from John Noble and him playing around and trying different things.

On discovering more about the characters’ private lives

This season, we will understand why Peter is part of the Fringe team. We will get to see more of his private life.

Final Thought

Fringe is trying to say that what we would usually classify as paranormal, is in fact part of the normal.