EDDIE MCCLINTOCK from Warehouse 13 Exclusive Interview

Eddie McClintock

I recently got a chance to speak to EDDIE MCCLINTOCK who plays Pete Lattimer on Syfy’s Warehouse 13.

As season 1 is almost coming to an end (two more episodes left), Eddie McClintock teased us as to what’s coming up, including a possible death. He also talked about Pete and Myka’s relationship and explained the art of schmacting to us, as well as much more.

So enjoy the interview and don’t forget to watch Warehouse 13 on Tuesdays at 9pm on Syfy.

Congratulations on shattering records this season.

Eddie McClintock: I guess so, right? That’s been kind of cool. I had a previous record, a show that was cancelled the quickest.

Now you have them both.

Eddie McClintock: That’s right. If you can’t have a record at being the best you might as well have a record of being the worst. At least you’re in the record books.

You’re also getting picked up for another season which is exciting as you’re coming to the end of this season.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah, two more episodes. It’s great. I’ve been doing this for twelve years and this is my fifth show and I’ve done ten pilots and this is the first time that I’ve ever been lucky enough to move into a second season with a show. So I’m very grateful.

How does that feel then?

Eddie McClintock: It feels great. I’m cautiously optimistic. I just keep hoping for the best. You just keep hoping that there’s forward momentum in it. It seems as though the show is being well received in London and people seem to like it here. I just want to have some job security for a while. I have two babies.

Can you talk about what’s coming up in this season’s final two episodes, and is there going to be a cliffhanger that’ll make us throw things at the TV?

Eddie McClintock: I hope so. I hope people are invested enough in the show that they’ll throw things at their TVs when the cliffhanger arrives. There is definitely a cliffhanger. It looks as though we might lose one of the characters on the show. It’s pretty great. Roger Rees who plays MacPherson, he just plays such a great bad guy. You almost root for him somehow even though you know he’s the bad guy because he’s really very charming and a great actor. He’s a lot of fun to watch. His stuff with Saul [Rubinek] is just so fantastic. The two of them together are so accomplished that to see them working together like that is personally really cool. I think that the viewers will enjoy it.
Tomorrow night’s episode, Myka’s father is infected by an artifact, Edgar Allen Poe’s notebook. So, Myka stays and tries to help her father and Claudia and Pete go out and try to solve the case. It’s kind of the first time that Claudia and Pete get to go out together. Allison Scagliotti is amazing and we had a lot of fun. So it’s a really great episode. I think it fits well for the demographic, the eighteen to forty nine demo because now it’s about the young kid who is on the other side of the Edgar Allen Poe book infection. It’s pretty cool.

I actually got to see that episode. It was an early cut but it was good.

Eddie McClintock: Well, good. It’s tough because you get that early cut and there’s no FX and so you kind of have to use your imagination.

It’s interesting to see it without the FX, too. How is it acting with the green screen because there’s a lot of things that you guys don’t experience? How is it acting without anything?

Eddie McClintock: Saul coined a term and has called it Schmacting. It’s whenever we have to act with a green screen or things that aren’t there and we have to completely make believe. It’s difficult because you don’t know what is on the other side. You don’t know what the FX team is going to come up with. It feels silly. You feel kind of ridiculous doing it, but fortunately the FX team has been so great that next year when we have schmact it’ll be a lot easier because I’ll be more confident about what the end product will end up looking like.

It looks really good. What has been your favorite artifact on the show so far?

Eddie McClintock: I’ve kind of been saying that my favorite artifact has been the spine, the Spine of the Saracen which was in the episode ‘Burnout’. The spine attached itself to its human host and turned that host into a killer. I’m not sure if you saw that episode or not, but to me I think that’s been my favorite so far just because it presented the most challenges for me as an actor. It forced me to kind of get out of my comfort zone as an actor and really explore some other things that I really haven’t had an opportunity to explore in my career. I’ve spent a lot of time doing a lot of comedy and so to have this thing attached to my back and be faced with the possibility of having to commit suicide in order to save the planet was kind of a high stakes scenario to have to deal with. It was interesting and challenging.

It was very emotional, too.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah, my dad saw it and was like, ‘I got a little emotional when I saw that.’ I kind of knew then that I had done something right, to get the old dad worked up.

If you could find an artifact for yourself and keep it what kind of artifact would you like to find?

Eddie McClintock: Well, again, I’ve been saying that I guess it would be a backstage concert pass that would allow me to travel through time and go to any concert that’s ever been. Like I could go see The Beatles. I could go see The Doors. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. All the bands that I missed out on that are too young.

That’s really cool and original.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah. I love music and there’s a lot of great music that I’ve only been able to listen to via the CD or the album or even a cassette. I’m that old. My first stereo had an eight track player in it when I was thirteen. That’s how old I am, a borderline geezer.

So far I really enjoy how Pete and Myka are together. How do you think they’ll evolve in season two and do you think they should get together or do you like the dynamic that they have now?

Eddie McClintock: For right now I really am enjoying the dynamic that they have. I’ve been saying that as soon as the two main characters get together the show is over. People, viewers tend to want to watch the two main people get together but then once they’ve gotten together it’s like, ‘Well, who else can we watch get together?’ And they turn the channel because what they wanted to happen has already happened. So I hope that Pete and Myka don’t get together for about five or six years.

Right. In season ten it’ll be okay.

Eddie McClintock: [laughs] Yeah. Season ten, when we’re doing the double episode homage to ‘The Brady Bunch’ in Hawaii they can get together. If they go out and have a couple of tequilas after work and maybe wake up together, I don’t know, that might be interesting to play, but for them to be full on romantically involved I think would be a mistake at this point because they have such a great dynamic right now. I’d hate to mess that up.

How has the experience on this show been different from other shows you’ve been on?

Eddie McClintock: I would say the most striking difference has been in the way the network has treated the show in regards to the promotion of the show, the backing that the network has given the show. When you do a show on a big network you’re generally one of ten or twelve or thirteen. Sometimes you can be one of fifteen shows. So it’s really a crapshoot then. They just kind of throw you out there and you hope for the best, but in this case we were one of, I think, three pilots that got made and when the network decided to get behind the show it was just first class all the way. I really felt like I was a part of. I felt like these people believed in what we had made and were willing to put their money where there mouth was.

It was the only new show this summer, right?

Eddie McClintock: Right. It was the first and then there’ll be ‘Caprica’ and ‘Stargate Universe’ I believe is another one.

Is there a show that you’d love to guest star on?

Eddie McClintock: There was a show called ‘Band of Brothers’ that I would’ve loved to have been a part of. I love war movies. I’ve always wanted to do a war movie or TV show. That’s the one that jumps out of me. I guess ‘Happy Days’, too. I would’ve loved to have been the Fonz’s little brother. I used to have a Fonz jacket that I would put on and slick my hair back and stand out in front of my house on this tiny little rural street in Ohio and just wait for cars to come by so they could see me dressed up as the Fonz. I actually got to tell that story to Henry Winkler who played the Fonz and that was pretty cool.

What was his reaction?

Eddie McClintock: He’s such a great guy, he just loved it. He thought that was amazing. I had a Fonz poster on my ceiling in my room and I had Fonz shirts. Everything was Fonz for me.

How was it meeting the Fonz in real life?

Eddie McClintock: It was amazing. The best part about it was the fact that he was a fantastic guy. The saying is don’t meet your idols because generally it’ll be a let down but not in this case. He couldn’t have been nicer and a better guy. So it was really amazing.

Do you have any upcoming projects you can talk about?

Eddie McClintock: Absolutely not. If you know anybody I’m free. Right now we’re just going to do a few personal appearances. I’m going to New York to appear at a convention and then I’m going to Paris and London and we’re doing a sci-fi convention in London. I think right now we’re going to travel around and I’m going to hangout with my boys. The season and the shows don’t start up here, or well they get started pretty soon but the summers are notoriously slow. Another thing is that my agents are saying that now that I’m the lead in a show that’s been considered a hit I don’t want to just go out and do a guest spot on any show. It has to be something special. It’s kind of a double edged sword because now that I have a show I kind of can’t do what I would normally which is to go in for guest spots on shows.