WAREHOUSE 13 “Nevermore” Early Review Episode 11


I had an opportunity to watch the upcoming WAREHOUSE 13 episode “Nevermore” (episode 11) which will air tomorrow Tuesday September 14 on SyFy.

In “Nevermore”, Myka’s dad, Warren Bering, played by Michael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh on Battlestar Galactica) falls under the spell of an artifact sent over by an anonymous sender. This sends Myka and Pete scrambling to try and find out a way to deactivate the artifact. In order to give you a sense of what you can expect in this episode, let me break down what you will be treated to.

The “Nevermore” artifact is pretty cool. It originates from a book, written by Edgar Allan Poe, which has a pretty potent and deadly side effect on Myka’s dad. Is it the coolest artifact ever? No. Is it still intriguing enough that it is worth building an episode around it? Yes.

In this episode, Myka (Joanne Kelly) confronts her inner demons as she has to face her dad with whom she has a difficult relationship. This gives us an opportunity of seeing a more vulnerable side of the character that Joanne Kelly portrays perfectly.

Pete is just Pete. When Myka is called over at her dad’s bedside, he doesn’t hesitate to come with her and act as a supporting friend. He still manages to pull classic Pete quips, especially one hilarious one which involves Myka’s mom.

Artie is still desperately trying to locate and apprehend MacPherson. This causes tense moments and a very cool opening scene. The reason behind this obsession is somewhat explained in this episode though.

I am so glad that Allison Scagliotti was cast in this role. In addition to Pete’s antics, I think she brings a well needed dose of comic relief that make Warehouse 13 even more enjoyable. In “Nevermore”, she certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Overall, “Nevermore” is a standard Warehouse 13 episode in the fact that it delivers everything you come to expect in the show: an artifact, a conflict, a villain, funny quips and just all out entertainment.

Stay tuned next week as I will have an early review of the season finale episode of Warehouse 13 titled “MacPherson”.

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