TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Finale “Beyond Here Lies Nothin” (THEORY)

Evan Rachel Wood as Sophie-Anne

Evan Rachel Wood as Sophie-Anne

Update: I was sorta right (..NOT). Find out more on our review of TRUE BLOOD “Beyond Here Lies Nothin”.

With only moments away from the season 2 finale of TRUE BLOOD “Beyond Here Lies Nothin” (Season 2 Episode 12), the buzz is in the air about how the True Blood season 2 will end. After reading some great comments from our trusted readers and also pondering on this quite a bit, I have decided to share a theory on how the Maryann conflict will be resolved.

In the last True Blood episode “Frenzy“, Bill found out from Queen Sophie Anne (played by Evan Rachel Wood) that Maryann was a mystical creature that existed mostly because of her faith in her own immortality. Queen Anne even stated something very cryptic that I believe is at the crux of the resolution of the episode:

Everything that exists imagined itself into existence“.

Now, what does that mean for Maryann? Her inherent belief into her own immortality is at the center of her immortality. Essentially, she is immortal because she imagines she is immortal. If Bill finds a way to break that faith, then he has won. The question is how he can achieve that?

I think that the answer lies in something benign: Doubt.

I think that if Bill finds a way for Maryann to doubt herself, then she is done for. If Maryann doubts the existence of her own god or her own immortality, then she is done for. He doesn’t have to convince her that she is not immortal, he only has to make her doubt her own immortality.

The show is pitching Sam as the solution to this big revelation although it is not clear how that would be possible. I think that is a misdirection. I think that this lies in another True Blood character and that character will be a woman. This theory was suggested by Oscar in a comment in a previous post, here is what he had to say:

Hoyt and his mom, definetly a spoiler if u paid attention to episode 11, hoyts mom says something like this when she’s making that potato chips with snickers and hotsauce dinner…”he’ll love this but poor maryann has not idea that its down hill from here” then after hoyt tells her ”what the hell are you talking about” she said ”honey theres no woman alive that has the guts to tell that woman the truth” (my quotes arent exact but its as best as i could remember them after only watching it once) obviously they will play a huge roll in the finale and destruction of the maenad!!

I completely agree with him. This makes a lot of sense and would actually explain what seemed like very useless scenes of Hoyt and his mom in the previous episodes. Plus this is so like Allan Ball to throw us a kind of twist like that.

What do you guys think of the theory? Do you think a woman will be the demise of Maryann? If so, who do you think it’s going to be? Sookie, Tara, another other Bon-Temps lady? Speculate away folks.

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