TRUE BLOOD “Beyond Here Lies Nothin” Review (Season 2 Finale)


Season 2 of TRUE BLOOD has unfortunately come to an end tonight, with the last episode “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’.” But not before finally putting an end to the Maryann’s storyline and also setting up a few new potential stories for next season. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get right into it.

Eric & Queen Sophie-Ann

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much Eric action in this episode. Turns out he didn’t really try to help Bon Temps get rid of Maryann.
However, we did find out a couple of things:
1) the Queen is the one ordering Eric to sell vampire blood, and not just any kind of vampire blood, the Queen’s own blood (which in my understanding, that’s what Eric meant when he said she was supplying it, but that’s debatable I guess). This of course begs the question, why would she do that? Is she able to keep track of people that taste her blood? I hope this will be answered in season 3.
2) Sookie is not totally human and it seemed that the Queen insinuated that drinking Sookie’s blood is what made Bill fall in love with her, when she warned Eric not to drink it.
I am hoping that season 3 will spend more time explaining what Sookie really is.


While Jessica kind of stayed away from the whole Maryann drama, Hoyt turning his back on her might have affected her more than he expected. And I’m wondering if she’s going to become a bad vampire in season 3, especially if that ending with her biting that man is any indications. Which is really sad since I really enjoyed her and Hoyt together.


Oh Jason! Well, even though he can’t remember anything that happened, he figures that him and Andy saved everyone, you have to admire that!

Oh and his new quote for the night is:

“It’s like if a tree falls in the woods, it’s still a tree, ain’t it?”

There is just no other character like him and that’s why we love him!


Sam was finally able to defeat Maryann thanks to Bill’s help. Which was actually a pretty smart way to end it all. Although I am surprised that the famous quote from Queen Sophie-Anne, “Everything that exists imagined itself into existence,” didn’t seem to have any purpose in defeating her, which is weird when you consider HBO even created a wallpaper around it. I honestly thought that it would be the key to defeat Maryann, but it didn’t turn out that way. Either way, I’m just happy to be rid of Maryann. That storyline just went on for too long.

Apart from that I do have a question about Sam drinking Bill’s blood to heal himself. We know that if you drink a vampire’s blood you start having sexual thoughts about them, as we have seen with Sookie and Eric. So my question is, will Sam start having the same reaction towards Bill? It’s a legitimate question, isn’t it?

And finally, tonight was also a big night for Sam because he finally went back to see his adoptive parents. I am so glad they included this scene, because we finally see a whole new side of Sam, especially after everything he went through. I think I have a whole new appreciation for the character now. But that’s not all, they also planted the seed for what could potentially be Sam’s story next season: finding his biological parents. I am kind of excited to find out more about it, especially since his mom seemed to imply that they were bad people.


Poor Eggs is the one that was affected the most by what he had done under Maryann’s influence. He couldn’t just let it go like everyone else. But I honestly didn’t expect him to get killed and by none other than Jason! That was a pretty crazy scene. Poor Tara, she had finally found love only to lose him too soon. That just doesn’t bode well for her in season 3.


That was quite an emotional episode for Sookie. Her Gran’s house was pretty much destroyed along with everything she cherished of her, she was forced into being the bridesmaid at Maryann’s wedding, she had to watch Sam get stabbed, she was pursued by Maryann (once more), and to make matters worse, after getting a marriage proposal from Bill, he totally disappears on her. She just can’t get a break, can she? And I can’t wait to find out what will happen to her next in season 3.


Speaking of Bill, who thought he was going to pop the question?! And how hilarious is it that they have to go to Vermont to get married!
But of course that’s not the big cliffhanger, oh no, the big cliffhanger is that Bill was freaking kidnapped! And we don’t even know who did it. Could it be Eric since he told the Queen that he would take care of Bill personally? I doubt it because it seems a little too obvious. Either way, we’ll have to wait another year to get all our questions answered, and I can’t wait!

Overall, this season surpassed my expectations and hopes. It is without a doubt the best show on television and I cannot wait to find out what other new crazy storylines Alan Ball and the writers of True Blood have in store for us next season.

So now the floor is open to you guys to share your feelings on the finale and season 2 overall. Were you satisfied with the way the season ended? Did you enjoy Sam’s scenes as much as I did? How do you feel about this new cliffhanger? Share in the comments below.

Please remember to keep the comments spoilers free for those who haven’t read the books.