LINCOLN HEIGHTS “Home Again” Season 4 episode 1 (PREMIERE)

Lincoln Heights Cast

Lincoln Heights Cast

Watch a sneak peek of LINCOLN HEIGHTS Season 4 episode 1 “Home Again” (Season Premiere) airing Monday September 14 2009 at 8 PM ET/PT.

Episode Synopsis: LINCOLN HEIGHTS “Home Again” Season 4 episode 1 (PREMIERE) – Cassie and Charles face questions from the police regarding Mac’s death, Tay is hospitalized, and Eddie and Jen may be forced to leave their neighborhood due to financial distress after the earthquake, in “Home Again,” the season premiere of “Lincoln Heights” airing Monday, September 14, 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET on ABC Family.

Cassie and Charles learn that police suspect foul play in the death of Charles’ stepfather during the devastating earthquake that rocked Lincoln Heights in last season’s finale. Eddie is concerned that Charles is taking his daughter down a dangerous path, and Cassie feels pressure to choose between her relationship and her family. Tay falls ill and is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, Eddie and Jenn make the tough decision to leave their home. Can The Suttons keep their family together in the midst of these challenges?

“Lincoln Heights” stars Russell Hornsby as Eddie Sutton, Nicki Micheaux as Jenn Sutton, Erica Hubbard as Cassie Sutton, Mishon Ratliff as Tay Sutton, Rhyon Brown as Lizzie Sutton, Robert Adamson as Charles. Guest starring are Chadwick Boseman as Nate Ray and Richard Roundtree as Coleman Sutton.

Kathleen McGhee-Anderson is Executive Producer. David Erhman, Dawn Urbont and Dayna Lynne North serve as Co-Executive Producers and Kevin Inch and Anthony Sparks as Producers. “Lincoln Heights” is produced by ABC Family.