ROBIN HOOD Season 3 Review

Tuck (David Harewood) and Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong)

Tonight, BBC America will premiere the third and last season of ROBIN HOOD. I got a chance to take a look at the first two episodes from the season, and while I still enjoyed the show, there were a few things that I missed from the first two seasons.

If you remember, last season ended with the tragic death of Marian and we sort of knew it would impact this season greatly.

The first episode opens as Robin and his band of outlaws return from the Holy Land. Robin announces that he doesn’t want to be Robin Hood anymore and sends his gang away. His new “mission” now is taking revenge on Gisborne for killing Marian. But as you probably guessed, Robin doesn’t stay alone for too long, because after all the show is called Robin Hood.

The episode also introduces a new character, Tuck, a traveling monk, who not only helps Robin regain his faith, but also becomes a new member of the gang. So far, I really enjoy him.

But Tuck is not the only new character this season. In episode two, we also meet Kate, a village girl, who through unfortunate circumstances becomes involved with the gang. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic between her and the gang evolves. I also wonder whose heart she will steal (because you know that’s going to happen).

Overall, this new season starts out nice. However Marian’s death has left too big of a hole to fill. Even the addition of Kate is not enough. Unfortunately, no one could ever replace Marian and the dynamic between her and Robin. It is very clear that this relationship gave something special to the show, and now that it’s gone, Robin Hood has lost part of what made it such a great show.

On a positive note, I was really happy to see the rest of the gang back, including Much and Allan a Dale, who are my favorite characters. I think it’s still going to be a fun season to watch and I’m curious to find out how it all ends.

So make sure to watch the season 3 premiere of Robin Hood when it premieres tonight, September 12, at 9pm on BBC America.