SONS OF ANARCHY “Albification” Review (Season 2 Episode 1)

Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman

I got a chance to take an early look at the season 2 premiere of SONS OF ANARCHY, which airs tonight, September 8 at 10pm on FX.

Sons of Anarchy is among my favorite shows, and so far this new season has been quite amazing. Even though I have seen the first three episode, I’ll focus this review on the first one. And to make things easier to follow, I thought I would break the review down by characters.


If you remember we ended last season with the unfortunate death of Donna. In the season premiere, Opie is trying to find justice for his wife’s murder. But as we know, the murder was really an inside job gone bad, since Opie was supposed to be the victim. In light of this, Clay and the rest of the gang decide to pin the death on someone else in order to give Opie closure.
This storyline is very well executed. It really shows the darker side of being in the Sons of Anarchy gang. I also do wonder if Opi will ever find out the truth about his wife’s murder.


Last season was pretty intense for Jax. He started questioning if Sons of Anarchy was really what his father had envisioned it to be. However, this is not really touched on in the season premiere, but I have a feeling it’s something that will pop up throughout this new season. Jax is also now in a relationship with Tara, which so far I’m really enjoying. It’s giving his characters new challenges.


Tara has to deal with Jax’s life as a Sons of Anarchy member. Gemma advises her to ask Jax to tell her whole truth about what he does. But now the question is, can she handle it? And that’s something that is partially answered in the first episode, but that will be a recurring theme this season. I really love the character of Tara and I think this season might be even more interesting for her character since she now has to deal with being back in the criminal world.


In the premiere episode, Clay has to deal with a new white separatist group that wants him to stop selling weapons to other races. However, as you probably guessed it, no one tells Clay whom he can and can’t sell to. Unfortunately, the new white separatist group won’t take no for an answer, which leads to an unforeseen consequence at the end of the episode.

I honestly didn’t see that ending coming and it was really shocking, but at the same time such a brilliant storyline. I think it’s safe to say that this event will affect the rest of season 2. It’s pretty intense!

Sons of Anarchy took everything that made season one so good and brought it back for season 2. That first episode will leave you begging for more.
For people who haven’t seen the show yet, I say give it a shot. FX is known for its really edgy and brilliant dramas and Sons of Anarchy can definitely be added to that list.

So don’t forget to tune in tonight for the season 2 premiere of Sons of Anarchy at 10pm on FX.