Fall 2009 Daily TV Schedules

Can you believe Fall is here? And since this week TV shows start premiering, it was time for us to put together our new Daily TV Schedules for Fall 2009.

Each day includes a look at the shows we watch and the shows that are on a trial basis for now (meaning we’ll give them a few more episodes, but there is no season pass yet), as well as each show’s premiere date.

Hopefully this helps you plan your nights accordingly. You can also take a look at the Fall 2009 TV premiere dates.

Mondays TV Schedule

Tuesdays TV Schedule
Wednesdays TV Schedule
Thursdays TV Schedule
Fridays TV Schedule
Sundays TV Schedule

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Sandrine has an unhealthy obsession with TV shows and spends way too much time watching them for her own good. Her current favorites include Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Banshee, Outlander, Teen Wolf, Strike Back, and lots more.