TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Favorite Character: Godric

Allan Hyde as Godric

Allan Hyde as Godric

As part of the True Blood Season 2 Labor Day Weekend Survival Kit, we wanted to highlight our favorite character of this season of True Blood: Godric.

Who is Godric?

Godric is a 2,000-year-old vampire who still looks like a teenager and is said to be the oldest known vampire. He is also the sheriff of Area 9. He is played by the 20 year old Danish actor Allan Hyde.

In which episodes does Godric appear?

Godric appears in four episodes of the Second season of True Blood.

The first episode is “Never Let Me Go” in which he appears as a flashback of his first encounter with Eric. The big reveal here is when we find out that he is Eric’s maker. Check out the scene below.

The second episode is “Release Me” in which he only makes a brief appearance in the final scene of the episode and saves Sookie from an attacker. Definitely, a cool scene where we can’t help by being struck by how cool he is.

The third episode is “Timebomb” in which he comes across as the most reasonable and spiritual vampire to date. One memorable scene of the episode is when he puts Lorena in her place in one of the scariest and most cheertastic way. Check out the scene below (Godric appears 02:45 into the scene).

The fourth and final episode is “I Will Rise Up” in which he decides to take the blame for the whole Fellowship of the Sun disaster and sacrifices himself in one of the most compelling scenes.

Why we like Godric?

We like Godric because he exudes a charisma and presence that affects you in a deep and emotional way. He inspires a healthy mix of respect and fear which translates to beautiful scenes. Even though he was young, the 2000 years of experience have definitely left him with wisdom that pushed him to do something as risky as letting the Fellowship of the Sun kidnap him. Even moments before his death, he showed a certain level of greatness that is simply unparalleled in the True Blood world.

For all those reasons, Godric is our favorite True Blood character this season.

So what do you think? Is Godric your favorite character this season?

(Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO)