TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Finale Pictures

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin in True Blood Season 2 Finale

Update: Since there is no new True Blood episode until Sept 13, check out our TRUE BLOOD Season 2 Labor Day Weekend Survival Kit.

We just found the first pictures of the season 2 finale of TRUE BLOOD titled “Beyond Here Lies Nothin” (Season 2 Episode 12) airing on Sunday September 13. (You can also see a couple of pictures of Charlaine Harris guest starring in the episode here)

These pictures are not only exciting but also contain some major spoilers for things to come.

So without further ado, here are some MAJOR spoilers for the upcoming True Blood Season 2 Finale “Beyond Here Lies Nothin” (Season 2 Episode 12).

CAUTION: STOP HERE if you do not want to know what will happen

Spoiler #1:


In this scene, Bill and Sookie are in a sweet embrace and all dressed up. They seem to be at a dinner of some sort.

I would guess that this scene would mean one of two things. Either that is how the season finale is going to end with Bill and Sookie together or this is some sort of hallucination or dream caused by the upcoming Maryann ceremony. This is just me speculating of course.

Spoiler #2:


In this scene, Maryann, wearing a “bridezilla from hell” dress, is handing to Sookie a bouquet of flowers. Maryann is wearing white which is ironic in more ways than one and Sookie looks apprehensive next to her.

This kind of makes sense based on the “Beyond Here Lies Nothin” synopsis that we posted last week. In the synopsis, Sookie is conscripted to become Mary Ann’s bridesmaid. So nothing shocking here but I still believe that it was worth mentioning.

Spoiler #3:


In this scene, Maryann is face to face with Jason apparently trying to seduce him. Jason has his usual trademark stunned look which we love so dearly.

It was bound to happen. Jason meets Maryann. The question remains: will she make him into one of her drones? If so, will the vacuum of his mind protect him from her powers? Ah, Jason, how much do we love your simple ways?

The rest of the pictures are not spoilery in nature but I still believe warrant to be seen:


So what do you think of these pictures of the season 2 finale of True Blood?

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