STANA KATIC from Castle Exclusive Interview

Stana Katic

Update: Check our most recent interview with Stana Katic.

This morning I got a chance to speak with STANA KATIC about the new season of Castle, on which she plays Detective Kate Beckett.

She dished on Castle and Beckett’s relationship, some of the murders that will brace our screens this second season, and much more.

Castle premieres on September 21 at 10pm on ABC, but until then, enjoy the interview below.

Are you excited to be back for a new season?

Stana Katic: Totally stoked. Everyone is really glad. We start episode six on Wednesday or Thursday of this coming week. It’s just been really, really fun this season.

So what’s coming up this season?

Stana Katic: Well, last season we left on a cliffhanger. There was a question of whether Castle and Beckett will be able to work together again and whether that relationship will fall apart or find its way, after he broke her trust. Basically one of the things that Beckett said clearly was, ‘Do not cross this line –’ and the line was to not research her mother’s murder. Of course Castle does and when she finds out it was kind of like, ‘Okay, we’re done.’

Then what happens is we open up the season with this fabulous PR stint for Castle’s new book ‘Heat Wave’ which is based on Kate Beckett’s character through a fictional character called Nikki Heat. So he decides to do this PR thing in the precinct and she’s forced to talk about him. In the meantime there’s a call coming in about a murder. The journalist ends up putting the two of them back together again and we go on a journey of crime solving and pretty much make amends quickly and get back to the fun of solving crimes together. I think that’s what audiences enjoyed last year, that repartee, that kind of chemistry between the Beckett character and Nathan Fillion’s character, Castle. So we get to do some more of that.

There are some really sexy murders I’m looking forward to showcasing. We’re also going to delve into some of the other characters’ lives as well which is really exciting because we have such a really fabulous all around cast. We get to build on Esposito and Ryan who are my two fellow detectives. We’ll get a chance to learn more about Captain Montgomery played by Ruben Santiago-Hudson, who just won the lifetime achievement award from the NAACP which is really awesome. We were all very proud and gave him a huge standing ovation when he came to set that day. Then we go into Castle’s home life as well with Martha and Alexis and learn a bit more about that. So I think it’ll be really fun. I’m looking forward to this next episode. It’s a Halloween episode. We go into that kind of vampire underground, coven kind of world. That’ll be fun, too.

Very cool. I see that you’re taking on the vampire aspect that everyone is crazy about right now.

Stana Katic: I know! It’s so crazy. It’s everywhere, even little TV shows are popping up aside from ‘True Blood’ which has been on for a little bit. I think The WB has something coming out. It’s just madness.

Can you give me an example of one of the sexy murders you mentioned?

Stana Katic: This week we found a girl stuffed into a manhole and we literally had to go to a manhole and when they opened up the real city manhole there were swarms of cockroaches creeping out. We’re all peaking out over this manhole and the cockroaches are charging at you full force. That’s not super sexy though [laughs]. We have a murdered model. We go into the modeling world during Fashion Week which is really exciting, in New York. I’m trying to think what our first murder was, but that’s probably the first example.

Is Beckett’s mother’s murder going to be brought up again and will there ever be a resolution for it?

Stana Katic: I think so. I can’t imagine that if Beckett found out about it, or found out a piece of information; I mean last year we find out that that’s the reason why she became a detective. From my talks with the writers and even trying to work on this character she was your average Manhattanite girl, going to university and getting ready for a fun life. That murder happened and that spun her into a different scenario and she decided to become a detective and didn’t want anyone else to suffer that same injustice. I can’t imagine that her finding a piece of the puzzle wouldn’t inspire her to get back onto it and solve that crime that was basically the thrust of her entire new life, her entire new journey. I know that the writers plan on delving into it. It’s going to take a little bit of time because that is a huge thing and so I think we’ll work it out by the end of the season, but taking time to get there.

Do you think that Beckett and Castle will ever get together or should get together?

Stana Katic: They’re definitely made for each other, definitely a fabulous pair and they solve crimes together so well. They’re both obsessed with it. I think like any really, really good meal you’re going to take your time enjoying it and I think the two of them have a lot to learn about each other still. There’s the question from Beckett’s perspective of what happened to Castle’s last two relationships, why did they fall apart and why would she just jump into something. I think they haven’t totally opened up with each other about their feelings for one another. Although, we do kind of flirt with the issue throughout this last episode that I’m doing right now which is really fun. We’re going to take our time getting there as well. There’s so much to learn about each other and I think since it is that kind of relationship that it makes sense and so why not enjoy the characters, enjoy what it is that makes them tick and then slowly bring them to that final point.

Is there something you wish would happen to your character, an event or a storyline so that you could play something specific?

Stana Katic: The writers are really fabulous and finding a lot of opportunities. There was a line last season that said, ‘So many layers to the Beckett onion. However will you peel them all?’ Beckett says that to Castle and he’s basically poking at her, trying to get more information about her life and she’s kind of like, ‘No way, buddy.’ I think this season especially the writers have a lot of fun, kind of peeling other layers of Beckett. We discover that she studied in Russia for a bit. You get to see another sassier, sexier side of Beckett which is really exciting to play. I think that a lot of those wishes are getting fulfilled because I think the reality of every working woman is that she has to be one kind of person at work. She has to be the consummate professional, but every working woman is I think a fun loving girl when she goes home.

So it’s really exciting to be able to play that side of Beckett. I’d really love to see more of her home life. I’m sure that we’ll delve into the relationship with her father, which I’d be really excited to play because that’s her only parent now and the two of them share that history together and I think that’d be really beautiful. Also, then to get to know who she is outside of work, what she does when she decides to play. We’ve given some to it and I’m looking forward to the other stuff that we’ll be able to work with as we move along in the season.

Since season one, have you found it easier to get into character, and generally how is the set working differently from the first season?

Stana Katic: What’s amazing is that a huge majority of our crew came back to season two which is almost unheard of because so much of our crew are actually film people. So that was really neat, being able to step back onto a set and know everybody’s name and just fall back into it. Literally, in that first week, within that first couple of hours we all looked at each other like, ‘Wow, it doesn’t even feel like we had a hiatus because we just stepped back into the groove.’ Everyone knows each other and everyone understands each other’s rhythms as we move forward. So it’s been really easy to move back into it with everybody. A majority of the people are people from last season.

As far as my character is concerned we did a lot of the groundwork last season and so now we’re having some time to play and discover the other things that make her tick which is really exciting. I think the first season they had a mandate to make her a detective and to communicate that and now we get to see that sassy, saucy side even more. I think that’s what the audiences really enjoy, that Tracy/Hepburn kind of repartee. I’m loving playing that and Nathan is just a really great teammate, bouncing that kind of dialogue off of. We’re getting to do a lot more of that and I think we did a fun job of it in the first season which is why we got a second season. So this season we’re taking advantage of it even more.

Apart from your character on the show, who’s your favorite?

Stana Katic: Of course Martha, right? She’s just so fabulous and so theatrical. It’s really great. I think she’s that extra jewel on the show. She just flowers it and makes it super colorful. I really enjoy her. I met a lot of people in New York who really got her, really enjoyed her because she is that kind of Broadway Babe, that Broadway game. I really enjoy her and she’s got great, great comedy, and especially this year I think they’ve really done her justice. It’ll be fun to see her again this year.