CRASH Season 2 Premiere First Pictures

Crash. Season 2, Episode 201

Check out the first pictures of the season 2 of the Starz series CRASH, based on the Academy Award-winning Best Motion Picture of 2006. Crash Season Premieres Friday, September 18, 2009.

Show Summary: Season two of “Crash” goes beyond the police storylines of the first season to focus on a farther-reaching collection of Angelenos from different social strata as their lives intersect. Is it by fate or coincidence that a billionaire visionary collapses in a parking lot and is helped by a strip-mall security guard? That a girl is murdered at the athletic club where she works? This season “Crash” will explore the human connections made in pivotal moments when characters must literally or figuratively fight for their lives. Nothing is random. There are no accidents. Unpredictable. Smart. Fatal. Sexy. Edgy. You never know what’s going to happen on “Crash,” but some greater force seems to be behind the glamour and the darkness. Season two will explore how Old Hollywood affects New Hollywood in a string of unsolved murders; whether a ballplayer who missed the big time can ever get over that failure; if the urban homeless can get a second chance; and how the gorgeous dames of L.A.’s film-noir past are not so very different than an ambitious temptress of today who understands what men want. They are all part of the glitz and grit of contemporary Los Angeles. New to the cast this season are Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, “Heroes”) as Seth, a billionaire entrepreneur with unfathomable success and drive; Linda Park (Jurassic Park III, “Star Trek: Enterprise”) as Maggie, Seth’s trophy wife who writes of a joyful life in her children’s books but has trouble living it; Jake McLaughlin (In the Valley of Elah) as Bo, a former high-school pitching ace and shoo-in for the big leagues who was derailed by a career-ending injury; Tess Harper (No Country for Old Men, Tender Mercies) as Bo’s heavy-smoking mother Wendy, who owns a hobby-shop business; Dana Ashbrook (“Twin Peaks,” “The Kill Point”) as Jimmy, a charismatic gambler and lover trying to put his bad choices behind him; and Julie Warner (Doc Hollywood, “Nip/Tuck”) as Seth’s ambitious right-hand woman.
Returning are Dennis Hopper (Hoosiers, Speed, “24”) as former rock-music producer Ben Cendars, just out of rehab and searching for clues surrounding a mysterious death; Jocko Sims as Anthony Adams, whose friendship with Ben will once again be tested when he helps Ben delve into a dangerous murder-mystery; Ross McCall as former cop Kenny Battaglia, a lowly strip-mall guard about to luck into a gig in the world of the super-rich; and Moran Atias as the
enigmatic gypsy Inez, now making serious cash working as a hostess at an exclusive men’s club but with cunning aspirations. From the producers of the Academy Award®-winning Best Picture Crash, the hour-long dramatic series airing on Starz is co-produced by Lionsgate and Starz Entertainment. The creative team, headed by executive producer Ira Steven Behr (“The 4400,” “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”), includes executive producers Paul Haggis and Bob Yari, and co-executive producers Bobby Moresco, Tom Nunan, Don Cheadle, Mark R. Harris, Jorg Westerkamp and Thomas Becker, all of whom were members of the Oscar®-winning theatrical production team, as well as consulting producer Glen Mazzara. New this year with Behr are executive producer James DeMonaco (Staten Island, “The Kill Point”), supervising producers Todd Harthan (“The Kill Point”) and Elizabeth Benjamin (“Bones”), consulting producer Devon Shepard (“Weeds”), and executive story editor Jennifer Schuur (“Big Love”), along with director Andrew Bernstein (“Mad Men”). Lester Berman is line producer.