TRUE BLOOD “Frenzy” Review (Season 2 Episode 11)

Alexander Skarsgard

After a really crazy episode of TRUE BLOOD last week, this week’s episode, “Frenzy,” served more as a setup for the season finale (which airs in two weeks), but there was still plenty of great things to talk about.

Jessica & Hoyt

Unfortunately, this week kind of put a halt to their lovey-dovey relationship when Jessica fed on Hoyt’s mom… not sure that was a great move on Jessica’s part, although I can understand what drove her to it. Hopefully, they will reconcile in the finale, because I just love these two.

The Queen

We finally got to meet Queen Sophie-Ann (Evan Rachel Wood). To be honest, during the first scene, I didn’t feel she lived up to my expectations, but as the episode went on, I began to appreciate the character more. They did a really good job at creating scenes that illustrated how bored she is. I mean she plays Yahtzee? That’s pretty hilarious. I also loved her sun room, I wish I had one of those.
And finally, Sookie’s cousin lives with her? What is that about and will that become relevant in season 3 of True Blood?


After indulging the Queen, Bill finally finds out how to kill Maryann, although I’m still not sure exactly how he’s going to trick her. I do love the fact that Maryann’s immortal because she’s delusional, that’s really smart writing and fits so well with the character. She is even more twisted than I thought she was. I mean she not only wants to eat people, she herself wants to be devoured by her God. Pretty freaky.


Eric is back in Bon Temps and out of the kindness of his heart (isn’t it weird how he keeps doing favors for people he claims he doesn’t care about?!) goes to see the Queen to find out how to kill a maenad. But my favorite part was him calling Arlene’s kids “teacup humans,” that’s actually pretty adorable. Oh and did he totally fly away or jump really far? That’s new and kind of cool. Can Bill do that too?


Jason has been stepping up in the last episodes, and I love that he is willing to die to save his town. But of course, Jason wouldn’t be Jason if he didn’t say some dumb stuff once in a while, and so I give you my favorite quote of the night: “You think Sam can turn into a chicken and lay his own eggs?” – who thinks of things like that? I love it!


Even when she is not under Maryann’s influence, Tara just doesn’t seem to get any smarter. I mean why would you go and try to rescue Eggs by yourself? And of course now she’s back under Maryann’s influence. I just can’t really like her right now.


Bill is finally back in Bon Temps, right in time to save the day. And even though it looks like he is going to take Sam to Maryann, I have a feeling that it’s all part of his plan to save Bon Temps.


Poor Sookie, all that was left of Gran is being destroyed right in front of her. And of course now that Lafayette is also under Maryann’s influence, she can only count on Bill to come and rescue her. Although, I think that her power, whatever it is, over Maryann will come in handy in a face off, and I just can’t wait to find out how it all ends.

Unfortunately, while this episode has gotten us all excited for the final battle, we will have to wait two weeks to find out how Sookie and co. will defeat Maryann. But in the meantime, you should check out the preview for the last episode “Beyond Here Lies Nothin”. I think it’s safe to say that words don’t even describe how incredible it looks.

But before the final episode, it’s time to hear what you thought of tonight’s episode. Were you as annoyed as I was with Tara’s behavior? Did you like The Queen?

Please remember to keep the comments spoilers free for those who haven’t read the books.

  • Kristy

    Loved this episode and it’s set up for the season finale. Evan Rachell Wood did an excellent job of portraying Queen Sophie and is exactly as how I pictured her in the Sookie Stackhouse novels, except the playing Yahtzee part 🙂 The giant egg confused me a little, loved Jason’s determination to save his town and am a little wary about Bill’s plans involving Sam. The promo makes it look like Bill is willing to sacrifice Sam but i’m guessing it’s all part of his brilliant plan to save Sookie, defeat Maryanne and bring Bon Tempts back to the peaceful little town it was. But I am totally worried that someone will have to be sacrifised (my guess is Eggs). Loved Eric and Lafayette the most this episode. Eric was hilarious when speaking to Arlene’s kids, and Lafayette did some great acting. Cannot wait for the season finale in 2 weeks time!!

  • Olivia

    I am an avid True Blood watcher and reader of the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse novels. I personally believe that Sophie-Anne was nothing like she was in the book, which pissed me off to no end. And you will find out about Hadley, eventually. They tell you in the books all about her. But, you forgot to mention the weirdest part of the episode… the giant egg in the nest on the bed!

  • kimanne

    This episode truly pisseed me off…the amount of information that you gained from tonight’s episode could have taken 20mins to run through. On top of that viewers have to wait an additional week to see the season finale. PLEASE!!!! Let’s hope that it will be worth waiting for!!

  • Ramona

    I have been reading the books every night before I go to bed (I am about to finish the 6th book) and the wierdest thing happened – I had a dream about a purple magic egg – and tonight that freaking egg showed up at the end of the show – I just about fell out of my chair! AND I RARELY DREAM!

  • Kristy & Olivia – You guys are right! I forgot to mention the egg!!!! That was definitely weird. Not sure what’s going to come out of that, but it can’t be good.

  • pujan

    how did yall play it?? i cant find the link to play it!!???

  • Tyler

    I thought Lafayette was a vamp how was he out during the day? Which brings me to my next point. I absolutely love this show but they always go from it being night time on one scene then its the middle of the day in the very next scene… Am I the only one that has caught this?

  • Matt

    Did anyone notice Eric’s shadow appear as he was walking into the queen’s home after arguing with Bill? Was that a camera goof or are vampires allowed to have shadows in True Blood?

  • Matt

    I wanted to add that a lot of people I spoke to didn’t like this episode very much, but I thought it was pretty decent. There seems to be some disappointment about the lack of vampire screen time.

    The thing I can’t stand about this season though is that it became way too precitable. In season 1 you never knew who the killer was till the last episode, and things seemed pretty wild. This time around though, everything except the Godric story could be forseen. I think this season wasted far too much time on Maryann and her zombies, and should have focused more on the vampires vs humans element, which really fascinates people. If it had been up to me, Maryann would have been dealt with 3 or 4 episodes again, and then the Children of the Sun vs vamps & the Godric situation would have closed out the season. Oh well

  • chris

    The episode was part action/comedy and part horror movie.

    It appears that Bill and Sam will team up for Sam to become something huge to
    kill MA …. interesting to see how he is going to do it while bleeding from Sookie’s knife …

    Jessica will become the killing vampire …

    But I really think someone major does die in the end because sookie and sam were crying … unless it is right before the ceremony.

    Tara deserves to die in my opinion. I do not care about her background or anything else … she was the major force behind MA coming to the town, the death of many people already, the reason why Laf and Sookie are now in MA control … and what a bitch to Laf and Sookie of all people.

    Loved Sookie this episode … she was so smart (except for going back into the house, but she may think she has a natural protection) and had some good one-liners.

    Hadley is obviously a vampire at this point … she says she is not part of that life anymore … meaning the human world … and Bill advises that it is best to do just that.

    Interesting closeness between Bill and the Queen … they are friends … no wonder he can talk back to Eric.

    Also, Bill did not get Sookie to drink his blood that first night … she was attracted to him before that. But, obviously that was the plan all along (the queen said that BIll would feel Sookie if she were in danger) … but it was still obvious Bill loves Sookie … his look when she said she wanted to meet Sookie was deadly … his first loyalty is to Sookie.

    Eric was not surprised to see Bill at the queen’s … he knows of their relationship.

    People have been complaining that Eric is seen as evil but the show had to remind the viewers of his other side … after all the Godric stuff. Plus, there has to be some reaction on his part to the death …

    How many ways can I say that TB is making Sam the ultimate great catch? Good job/money … loves children … willing sacrifice … cute as a button … wow!

  • yana

    ive read every single sookie stackhouse novel, and i truly think lafayette will be sacrificed. do i want him to be? certainly not. i think hes a great asset to the show, but realistically it shouldve been him who died in the first episode, so mabe they will kill him off in a different manner.

    hadley is not a vamp, season three will probably give you some insight on her

    tara is an idiot. i was infuriated when her halfwit of a mother helped her escape. i do, however, like how the storyline involved the conjurring of maryann, but it does not explain her affiliation with sam. as i recall, the first time they saw each other, maryann says to sam : did you really think i wouldnt find you?
    but nonetheless, hbo has made this season better than the second book. bravo…i hope the season finale doesnt dissapoint.

  • Sally

    Did anyone catch that scene for next weeks episode between Eric and Sophie Ann. Was it my imagination or was Eric laying with Sophie Ann. They appeared to be cooking up some sort of a scheme. Eric said he will take care of Bill ….what does that mean?… Is Eric going to protect Bill for the queen (the queen was interested in Bill)… or something more cynical along the lines of Erice having Sookie for himself with Bill out of the picture.

  • Amber

    Wow, funny how you completely left everything out about Bill. You’re painting him as “the hero”. My your bias is showing. You’ve neglected to mention anything about the shadiness surrounding his visit to the Queen and how well he knew her and Sookie’s cousin. He continuously lies to Sookie and you’re painting him as the hero? The hero of this arc will be Sam because he’ll sacrifice himself for all of Bon Temps and NOT just for Sookie(like Bill).

    Also, when Eric mentioned he was at the Queen’s place to find out about how to kick a Manead’s butt, Bill could have told him, but he didn’t. HE wants to look like the hero in Sookie’s eyes. He could have left his pettiness at the door and he and Eric could have went back to Bon Temps together to take care of Maryann. But, no. Bill continues to be selfish. I hope all his lies will be found out by Sookie. You know she eventually finds these things out. It’s a fact.

  • Jess

    Wow. I have to totally agree with Amber! Bill is a really selfish character in my eyes. Even Eric said a couple of episodes ago that Bill would kill anyone (even children!) for Sookie’s life. Plus, like Amber said, Bill is way to secretive. He’s keeping something big, I just know it and Sookie will find out. She always does.

  • Deedee

    I agree with Olivia that the Queen was written for show nowhere near how she was written in the books. She was nowhere near as vulgar or “outgoing” in the books as she was written for the show, and as she was written as a child for the books, her interest in sex wasn’t as prominent in the books like it was written for last night’s episode. Also, I wonder if (when) we’ll meet Andre, since he plays a pivotal role in the Eric/Sookie storyline, and is the Queen’s second. I don’t think Hadley is a vampire, as far as last night’s episode is concerned, but she certainly was in the book by the time we met her.

    Eric, as far as I remember, is the only vampire who can fly. As it’s told in the books, each vampire has a special ability that most others don’t have. Eric’s is flying.

    Chris: Bill did get Sookie to drink his blood the first night they met; just not the first episode. Bill came into Merlotte’s on a mission specific to Sookie, from the Queen (which is why Bill was so familiar with the Queen), and you’re right – Eric, as the Sheriff of the area Bill resides in, knows about this.

    Season three will rip apart Bill’s ‘good-guy’ image for a lot of people.

    I’m glad we got at least some Eric time last night (tea-cup humans was awesome), and I’m so glad Pam was back. She may not get much face time, but her lines are almost second-to-none as some of the most funny on the show.

  • First some people are wrong. On the first night the Rattrays abducted him and tried to drain him. She saved him and went home, then dreamed about him. The next the Rattrays attacked her, that’s the second night, he did it to save her life. He have never did anything against her will.

    About the Queen and Hadley why would he go back and tell Sookie about her cousin that’s the queen of Louisiana for his kind, I’m sure something like that would have some consequences for Bill if he interfered in that especially if her cousin is not being held against her will, she seems like she likes it.

    That’s why he doesn’t want the queen to meet her, it may have started as a mission, but he fell in love and now he’s trying to protect her from being exploited like originally planned. He just wants to chill in Bon Temps with Sookie without the drama and Eric ain’t letting that happen, between Long Shadow and Dallas he’s the selfish jerk.

  • Oh yeah Amber is it? How petty was it for Eric to lie and tell Sookie he was dying and she must save his life by sucking the silver bullets from his blood, just so he can get what he can’t have and smiling about it. Come on now has Eric been “helping” Bill. He went to Fangtasia with Sookie to help Sookie and he acts like a big baby b/c she wants Bill not him. Cause he’s use to humans worshipping him and he meets a girl who don’t even make her look twice, he’s a hater. Bill is a good vampire he’s just stuck in all the vampire politics his only mistake was not telling Sookie about the bond between a vampire and his/her maker and about the queen.

  • Cecily

    I agree, Bill is kind of selfish, but Eric doesn’t seem like a very good guy either. That’s why I want Sookie to end up with Sam. Sam is the best man to me. My favorite line was when Pam said MaryAnn owes her a new pair of shoes or something like that. That was funny. I hate Tara now. I just don’t think Eggs is innocent. Did Tara lay that Egg? That was just to weird for me. Why didn’t Sookie hit that fat guy on the head early on? That was bizarre having her lie with him for what seemed like an eternity. It’s like the writers didn’t know what do to with her so they just left her on the floor with the mortician, or whatever he is. Also, I think Michelle Forbes is just superb. I was disappointed in Evan Rachel Wood’s acting, though I’m not sure if it was the writing or her or both. I thought she would be this force to be reckoned with sort of like Lorena times 10, but there was absolutely no energy there.

  • Jon

    As for the Egg plot line, have you all forgotten how crazy important it was for MA to get tara and eggs to hook up? She dedicated multiple episodes to that end. It is most likely a way for her to reproduce or something. She chose tara and eggs for a special purpose originally.

  • True Blood is Alexander’ show

    Bill is selfish for a good reason, he know Sookie is willing to put her foot into anything, in season she was not even scared getting alone with hungry vampire. Who in their mind would let their partner (human or vampire go where she/he as she wishes; is it normal to let Sookie loose she is a magnet for trouble. I want Bill to be selfish, she is HIS
    If I found someone I love I want hand him or her over so easily, come on!

    ? As to the teacup humans, it’s sound funny but I don’t know if I can imagine Godric in the book or Eric doing certain things (…) to kids. I was expecting him looking after the kids like Bill or show the kids he can fly. 🙁

    season 2 Should have been 6 episodes MaryAnn and 6 followship of the son.Now have to wait 2 weeks for Maryann not die. lol
    Season1 still a classic to me.

    Tara tara, love make you do stupid things, that exactly Tara storyline.

    Lafayette is going to cook, oh dear lot burgers with AIDS, watch out!

    How is the town going to go back to normal? so much dirt 🙁

  • Kendra

    I could only sigh and shake my head at Tara’s actions in yesterday’s episode. She was one of my favorite characters during season 1. What happened? Maybe Tara will get back to normal when this Maryann storyline ends once and for all.

    I kind of liked ERW’s vampire queen – I liked how she’s just done with everything and spends her days sitting around playing Yatzee. Oh, and her line about how Bill and Eric should quit their alpha-male posturing and just fuck already? Priceless.

    I was so bummed when Lafayette turned last night!

    One of my favorite parts of the episode was seeing Eric interact with Arlene’s kids. “Teacup humans” LOL. You could tell he was totally getting a kick out of entertaining them…I’m pretty sure he decided to fly away to impress them.

  • Ugh. Evan Rachel Wood. Overact much? Hopefully she’ll get better, but I was not feeling her in this episode. I liked a lot of stuff, though – Bill knowing Sookie’s cousin and never mentioning it? A big twist is coming there. And Maryanne confirming it was Tara’s ritual last season that brought her to town, not Sam.

    I love the Maryanne storyline, it’s all about repression and living without limits. She truly believes she’s helping these people, and in a way she is, by freeing them from their hang-ups and demons, but at the same time she’s killing them because you can’t survive without limits. It’s like Luke blowing himself up, or Godrick wanting to meet the sun – only with Maryanne, it’s the whole town destroying themselves because they think it will save them. That’s why I knew Sookie and Bill ‘saving’ Tara wouldn’t work. It couldn’t. Tara has to save herself.

    Loved that Eric was colder in this episode – after Godrick – it fits the character perfectly. He was giving off a whole different vibe.

    And any Pam is good Pam. She is the true Queen.

  • Cecily

    I really enjoy everyone’s comments. I do remember that Maryann wants Tara and Eggs together. I think Eggs is bad to the core, so he has to go the next episode. Regarding Bill, I do think he loves Sookie, but he is selfish and controlling, when they were driving away after he had taken some of Maryann’s blood, he said to Sookie in a controlling and mean way, “give me your wrist, I need to heal” or something like that and then he grabbed it and bit it. She needs all of her strenght to fight Maryann. And did you see the look on Jessican’s face when her loser boyfriend ran out on her? Me thinks she is going to kill and hopefully Hoyt. What a mamma’s boy. Yuck – no wonder he was a virgin.

  • valerie Boyd

    I am a fan of the books and looked at the show as additional Sookie adventures so my mind was open to the concept. I am however sadly to say deeply disappointed in the show this season. The Maryann story was way too long. It became boring. It seemed as though an orgy was substituted everytime they lacked material. Dark and sexy vampire Bill was turned into a milk toast,Jason was turned into a blithering idiot and the vampire queen was a vapid starlett with fangs something I can see on reality shows every day. The colorful history of the area and the paranormal history of New Orleans was comletely ignored. The charm of Charlaine Harris is her southern roots which she intigrates beautifully into her books. All I see is the LA version which is canned, contrived and lacks that southern charm. Mr. Ball had the good forturne to find this totally different material and great story and has not done it justice. He has a terrific cast to work with so why is the writing so awful? I am going to keep watching and hope for a better 3rd season, if not well I’ll just have to find entertainment elsewhere.

  • Dc

    @Cecily: Lol, Hoyt is a total momma’s boy but come on Jess almost killed his mom.( I know she deserved it but she’s like the only family he has left so I can see why he got upset.)

    Pretty average episode overall,I loved the queen and I really want to see more of her.I’m kind of disappointed but not surprised that Bill has some secrets,I really want to see Sookie’s reaction when she finds out.The best part of the entire episode had to be Sam and the kids meeting with Eric and Pam.Eric and Pam probably have the best comedic dynamic on the show.Also despite what Eric said about kids being delicious it looked like he genuinely enjoyed humoring/entertaining them.

    Can’t wait for the big finale in two weeks,I just hope Sookie’s power plays a big role in saving everyone.I think she will be the one to kill Maryanne when Bill and Sam make her vulnerable.

  • Mary

    I was very disappointed with this episode. It verified why I love books better than movies or shows. Sophie Anne just came across so shallow, you would think that they would give Evan Rachel Ward a much more complex version of Sophie Anne. One more like the book. I hope it all just ends up being a way to mess with Bill, since none of the other vamps like his take on life. That “everything’s imagined into being” nonsense surely is just a theory as Bill said, and what’s up with an egg in a nest in the middle of Gran’s bed? That was terribly confusing. I can’t wait to see MaryAnn get hers though. Surely the final episode will make up for what happened on “Frenzy” (what frenzy I ask?). I hate that MaryAnn got a hold on Lafayette, I just love him! I also have to bemoan the fact that we have to wait until next June to see season 3. I was hoping HBO would do Trueblood like Carnivale and Deadwood, where you got two seasons a year. Oh,well.

  • Mary

    Forgot to mention poor Jessica. I just love her and hated how Hoyt ran out with his hate filled mean mother. She deserved what she got and then some, and maybe Hoyt will realize that after he’s learned the truth about his dad. I really thought that he and Jess were cute together though and hope all doesn’t fall apart with them. Maybe momma’s lies will lead him back to Jessica. I hope so at any rate. I was so glad that Jessica ended up being so lovely rather than the brat she looked like she’d be to start with. I will be hoping Hoyt hasn’t ruined it for her.

  • Henme

    I have been very disappointed with this season. As others have said, the MaryAnn story line has gone on too long with the orgy scenes way too frequent. We need more of Sookie and her interaction with the vamps, as well as, other supes. This interaction is what makes the books so exciting. It would be good if they expanded Pam’s character. In the books, she is a great character that actually becomes Sookie’s friend. I love Alexander Skarsgard as Eric but he gets very little plot time. I know everyone who hasn’t read the books must get tired of hearing “in the book.” However, one of the best scenes ever is in Living Dead in Dallas. Bill is out of town and Sookie recuits Eric to go to a sex party with her and he shows up in skin tight pink spandex shorts. Of course, Sookie was trying to find out who murdered Lafayette and he’s not dead in the series so there goes that scene. Did anyone else notice that Evan Rachel Wood seemed to have a major breakout on her chin that the makup didn’t cover?

  • Cecily

    I noticed ERW’s face looked horrible and was shocked. I thought she was one of those porcelain beauties we see in Hollywood, guess not. Now, I am wondering why I am not an actor. I thought these people were supposed to be perfect. Ha-ha. And to bring up Hoyt again, I am all about your friend’s and family knowing better than you about your relationships, but when your mother is a bigot she no longer factors in so Jess is better off without him. Yummy, Sam is a great catch, maybe she isn’t too young for. Wish I could have him. I like the Eric scenes, but I really like his banter with Pam best of all. That reference he made about Pam’s shoes being nice after they were ruined a few episodes back was classic. And now Pam mentions that Maryann owes her a new pair.

  • Penelope

    I haven’t seen ANY lying by Bill to Sookie. Not yet at least. What’s interesting to me is how certain folks are willing to forgive Eric all of his transgressions – standing idly by while Longshadow nearly killed Sookie. If Bill didn’t take care of business Sookie would have gone bye bye. Or what Eric did to Lafayette. Keeping him in the dungeon, feeding on him with Pam and Chow, damn he would have left Lafayette to die if Sookie hadn’t discovered him. Plus you “punish” Lafayette for selling V and then you go and force him to sell it. That would mess anyone up. All of these things are forgiven but Bill is a big fat liar? Now Bill isn’t innocent, and nor should he be, dude’s a vampire! But when the Queen says jump you say how high. So, I’ll give Bill some leeway with whatever his mission may or may not have been. As for being selfish and controlling…well Eric’s the same exact way. My point of all of this is that you can find fault with both but don’t try to make Bill out to be this horrible character because he’s not.

  • Deedee

    Penelope: Bill’s entire reason for getting together with Sookie is based on one big lie. Of course you haven’t seen it yet, as it’s not even revealed in the book series until book three or four.

    No, Bill’s not a horrible character; but he’s certainly not the good guy. The difference between Bill and Eric; however, is that Eric never pretends to be anything he’s not. We all know what and who Eric is, because he doesn’t hide his character or his true intentions; Bill does – on both counts. In that alone, Eric is much more respectable than Bill.

  • Boobie

    I’m late to this week’s post but I’m not sure if it was well worth the wait…There was A LOT going on. Quotes of the night, “I found a yellow one,” “Tea cup humans (LMAO),” “Enjoy your restricted diet” and “It was God’s will that we burry the hatchet…” Thoughts: Jason & Andy aka Bontemps’ edition of Dumb and Dumber save the day–Too funny how Jason is using all of his fellowship of the sun training to combat ScaryAnn. Also intriguing–how Sam has turned into a baby sitter with the hungry teacup humans–so cute. What was with Eric playing with his hair outside the queen’s house. BTW the Queen will give all the LGBT studies classes something to organize an academic conference about—HA!!! Tara’s mom–not mother of the year material; guilt is a powerful drug. Poor Lafayette; he went from PTSD to slavery the sequel-It is definitely hard our here for that pimp. StankyAnn said before that Tara would bring all of them back eventually. Meanwhile, Bill is one step behind as usual. Jessica & Hoyt for Prom Queen/King fans have had a rocky week. Hoyt just needs to knock his momma out before she tells him he’s adopted, or was switched at birth, or born a girl, or whatever she can dig up from their pitiful past. It also looks like ScaryAnn was trying to get Sookie back to the house for her plan all along…NOW ABOUT THE EGG….This is HBO just run with it…they dominate in making imagination go waaaaay left just when you’ve thought you’ve gotten used to a show’s writing and story line patterns. That, people who love books (the books in this case), is how you win EMMYS every year. HBO is NOT trying to sell books (thought they are helping spread the word), they are trying to get people to watch the show and clammer to the tv every week, not rush off to bookstores and libraries–sheesh! They’ve already promised MORE plot lines and characters that DIVERGE from the book. HURRAY!!! However, this episode was a bear to get through this late in the week…maybe because of the all the heat in LA from the fires….WAIT a minute!!! So does this mean Eric will swoop in also to save Sookie AND Lafayette????!!?! Now I’m back excited for the last episode….fangtastic!!

  • Dc

    Boobie:Pretty sure Eric was just fixing his hair since it got all messed up from the flight to the queen’s mansion. ;p

  • Rachel

    Haha Boobie, loved the nicknames for Ms.crazy butt face, nice. I agree with you bout the meanie mommy, Hoyt just needs to get rid of her and go be with Jessica, she needs someone nice like him

    I totally think Eric’s gonna save sookie at least. Not sure if Lafayette’s gonna make it though, he’s kinda screwed now, didnt he get put under the weirdo’s spell too??

  • Boobie

    Hey Rachel,

    Thanks. I was wondering about Lafayette b/c he was tricked into drinking Eric’s blood just like Sookie. So he is connected to Eric just like she is right down to the freaking deaky dreams (HBO didn’t have the cajones to show that I see-LOL). So just like Bill flies in to save Sookie, Eric (I think) has the ability to sense when Sookie & Lafayette are in trouble….Now whether he does anything about it, is another case–Ah Eric, that scamp!

  • Ann

    Lafayette will be the person to die in the last episode. Before that happens, he will be turned into a vampire by Eric. Sookie’s new love will be a new character from next season possibly a were or a new shifter. She will lose all interest in Bill when she finds out that he was never really interested in her and only pretended to be to oblige the Queen.
    Incidentally, I was not too happy with the way Sophie Ann was portrayed. I can’t really see her ruling over strong willed vampires.
    I have read and enjoyed all of Charlaine Harris’s books but you can’t always predict what’s going to happen because the True Blood series has really taken a separate path.

  • Rachel

    Oh wow thanks for sharing Ann, cool.

    Boobie-Oh yeaaaah that’s riight! That would have been fun to watch, Lafayette and eric, ha. Actually I’m kinda a little glad they didn’t go too much into that though, lolll.
    Well I was thinking that eric would end up like saving Sookie or whatever buut in the preview for the next episode he looked like he was kinda in the middle of somethin with Sophie Ann up in there…
    Anyways, you know pretty much anything can happen now, I mean he can flippin’ fly- he can do anything. I hooope he’ll go all superman and save everybody though, but you never know.

    What are we going to do with that little mister, goodness gracious!

  • True Blood is Alexander’ show

    I don’t know how much people expect Bill to be vilain, he is a vampire, for cry out loud!
    the book the book, then stack ours eyes in it; leave us all enjoy the journey in the show.
    Why does he have to be like in the book, when Rene was more evil than Bill and still survive in the book, Lafayette dead in the book, Godric not even Eric maker…
    You want Eric naked because he tickes your bits; why does he take it off without bedding Sookie?
    Is journey in True so bad or he is so selfless that he has to compare to Bill or be Eric in the Book, nobodyelse is complaining about others characters as much So called Eric fans
    So cheap some people suggestions!

  • Rachel

    …YEAH! Go True Blood is Alexander’ show!

  • Boobie

    STANDING OVATION FOR ALEXANDER’ SHOW…..STANDING OVATION!!!!! Even w/ the typos, its time for the book fiends to LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How many times is HBO going to say, WE ARE TAKING SOME DEPARTURES FROM THE ………(wait for it)…………BOOK!!!!! Can we all just enjoy the show and JUST the show??? Thanks ALEX’ for putting it out there again before the finale….

  • Rachel


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