TRUE BLOOD “Frenzy” Review (Season 2 Episode 11)

Alexander Skarsgard

After a really crazy episode of TRUE BLOOD last week, this week’s episode, “Frenzy,” served more as a setup for the season finale (which airs in two weeks), but there was still plenty of great things to talk about.

Jessica & Hoyt

Unfortunately, this week kind of put a halt to their lovey-dovey relationship when Jessica fed on Hoyt’s mom… not sure that was a great move on Jessica’s part, although I can understand what drove her to it. Hopefully, they will reconcile in the finale, because I just love these two.

The Queen

We finally got to meet Queen Sophie-Ann (Evan Rachel Wood). To be honest, during the first scene, I didn’t feel she lived up to my expectations, but as the episode went on, I began to appreciate the character more. They did a really good job at creating scenes that illustrated how bored she is. I mean she plays Yahtzee? That’s pretty hilarious. I also loved her sun room, I wish I had one of those.
And finally, Sookie’s cousin lives with her? What is that about and will that become relevant in season 3 of True Blood?


After indulging the Queen, Bill finally finds out how to kill Maryann, although I’m still not sure exactly how he’s going to trick her. I do love the fact that Maryann’s immortal because she’s delusional, that’s really smart writing and fits so well with the character. She is even more twisted than I thought she was. I mean she not only wants to eat people, she herself wants to be devoured by her God. Pretty freaky.


Eric is back in Bon Temps and out of the kindness of his heart (isn’t it weird how he keeps doing favors for people he claims he doesn’t care about?!) goes to see the Queen to find out how to kill a maenad. But my favorite part was him calling Arlene’s kids “teacup humans,” that’s actually pretty adorable. Oh and did he totally fly away or jump really far? That’s new and kind of cool. Can Bill do that too?


Jason has been stepping up in the last episodes, and I love that he is willing to die to save his town. But of course, Jason wouldn’t be Jason if he didn’t say some dumb stuff once in a while, and so I give you my favorite quote of the night: “You think Sam can turn into a chicken and lay his own eggs?” – who thinks of things like that? I love it!


Even when she is not under Maryann’s influence, Tara just doesn’t seem to get any smarter. I mean why would you go and try to rescue Eggs by yourself? And of course now she’s back under Maryann’s influence. I just can’t really like her right now.


Bill is finally back in Bon Temps, right in time to save the day. And even though it looks like he is going to take Sam to Maryann, I have a feeling that it’s all part of his plan to save Bon Temps.


Poor Sookie, all that was left of Gran is being destroyed right in front of her. And of course now that Lafayette is also under Maryann’s influence, she can only count on Bill to come and rescue her. Although, I think that her power, whatever it is, over Maryann will come in handy in a face off, and I just can’t wait to find out how it all ends.

Unfortunately, while this episode has gotten us all excited for the final battle, we will have to wait two weeks to find out how Sookie and co. will defeat Maryann. But in the meantime, you should check out the preview for the last episode “Beyond Here Lies Nothin”. I think it’s safe to say that words don’t even describe how incredible it looks.

But before the final episode, it’s time to hear what you thought of tonight’s episode. Were you as annoyed as I was with Tara’s behavior? Did you like The Queen?

Please remember to keep the comments spoilers free for those who haven’t read the books.