DIRTY SEXY MONEY: The Complete and Final Second Season DVD Review


The complete and final second season of DIRTY SEXY MONEY has been released on DVD for you to enjoy.

I was a big fan of Season 1, but I don’t think I enjoyed season 2 as much. I felt the storylines weren’t as compelling as season 1. A few characters were a little less likeable, espcially Karen, and while I really liked Jeremy in the first season, I felt he lost a little bit of his pizazz in season 2.

The second season opens six months after the events from the end of season 1. This season, Lisa and Nick’s marriage gets in trouble, which of course pleases Karen. I guess my issue with the whole thing is that I do not understand Nick’s attraction to Karen.

This season, Simon is also back with some evil secret plan. We also meet a new character, Nola (Lucy Liu), but unfortunately, I found that whole storyline pretty boring.

Overall, I would say that season two was a disappointment for me over season 1. That said, I still enjoyed some episodes from season 2, after all it’s still Dirty Sexy Money. I just wish the characters that I had come to love had evolved differently.

If you have seen season 1 and enjoyed it, I would still recommend you check out season 2 of Dirty Sexy Money, just to at least find out what happens next, especially since this is the series finale.

And of course in addition to all the episodes, you also get a few special features including my favorite, bloopers, and some fun featurettes.

You can buy Dirty Sexy Money Season 2 on DVD on Amazon.

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Bonus Features

– Faux Pas: Bloopers from Season 2

– Deleted Scenes

– “Dirty Sexy…Crafty?” – Craft Services – the official “water cooler” of every television or movie set. And nobody runs a tighter snack service than Wacky Crafty Specialist Josh. Who knows what kinds of delicious tidbits are being served today?

– Directing the Darlings – Acclaimed director Jamie Babbitt shares her director’s diary cam for a step-by-step look at what it’s like to bring an hour-long drama with an all-star cast, complex story lines and multiple departments to television.

– Total Knockout – Take a ringside seat for a day on set with sexy and talented Natalie Zea.